Monday, July 1, 2013

Camping Adventures: How We Played

In my previous post, I shared about a few ways that I kept a little granola, aka healthy, in our camping trip to Vogel State Park. But the week would be sadly misrepresented if I didn't share about what we actually did during the day.  So here it goes...


The lake was close enough to camp for the big kids to experience independence and ride bikes down on their own. Freedom never tasted so good!

Now, you will not see any pictures of me in the lake becuase I did not go in the lake. Too cold. A little gross. However, the minors were not deterred in anyway.

Dad was coaxed to come out and play


Crawdads and salamandors were good for the hunting. Creek play went on each day - of course!

Not afraid to hold Mr. Crawdad

***Then a new project began...Operation Construct a Dam***

Chef for the week & Dam Constructor
My hunk of burning love

Observing progress

Look - I "worked" too! Necessary stick.
Once the dam was complete they made boats out of sticks and whatever else they could find, then would race their creations down the creek.  It was great to watch them get out and explore.


Last but not least - the paddle boats. One thirty minute session was plenty for me. My boat-mates were too short to reach the paddles so it was up to me to get us from one end to the other. Great work out!

All in all, this was a great week. We had chats by the fire, s'mores and some of the adults piled into one camper to watch movies on a couple of the nights while kids slept (gotta love 'glamping")! So thankful for the friends who invited us to come, the friends that joined us, the friends that surprised us and the new friends we made! By the way, the new friends we made are photographers and they kindly snapped lots of pictures of us all at play.  I wish I could have put them all in!



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