Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chevron Stripes, Casual & My New Fav Shirt

From our Azaleas

I am loving the spring of 2014. And I believe a big reason is how we are able to entertain more. Yay, for having people over! Now we just need more days in the week and more meat in the freezer.

Here is my way of taking advantage of what little blooms we have. We are not skilled in the ways of gardening, but we continue to learn what the hardiest plants are. So when you come to visit (and I know you all will eventually!), you find a lot of hostas, azaleas and more hostas. Someone did pass their leftover flowers onto me, so we also have a few that I have to identify.

So as the days pass through my stubborn grip, I do my best to journal the "little things" in this blog. It's like a virtual scrapbook for those who don't have the space or time to drag out the supplies and get to cutting.

End of the Year Share Day

Butterfly necklace: Khols/Bracelets: Target
To close out this year's Bible study group, we have a special share day. And yes, folks are given the opportunity to share what they have learned throughout the year.    So I pulled out one of my new shirts and paired it with my boyfriend jeans. With the tank top to match my heels I felt put together and comfortable - no better combination if you ask me.  The bracelets were my Target clearance find for under $5.

Field Day for my 4th Grader

Another end to another school year! That means hanging out for field days and class parties. This outfit was also comfortable.  I added the white "jacket" to keep from being self conscience of possible booty stares or flesh going out of place around the waist. Check out my philosophy on those extra pounds for those of you that fluctuate in this post.

Mother's Day Weekend - this shirt

Shirt: Michael Kors/Bermuda Shorts:LOFT/Shoes:Nordstrom Rack

New Shirt! New favorite!! I almost passed up this Michael Kors shirt while shopping the clearance at Nordstrom Rack. It was $22 and I like to stay under $20 for shirts. But I went for it anyway and haven't regretted the decision. I have worn it for Easter Sunday with dress capris, a Mother's day luncheon with skinny jeans and then again on Mother's Day with Bermuda  shorts as pictured here. How many ways can I wear it? White shorts next?? Maybe...

The flower was made by my 10 year old at church. I heard that this was take two. The first one had minimal effort, so his teacher (and my friend) encouraged him to try again. I love it and look how the flower matched my new favorite shirt.

My Boys...

My Mommy...

Hubby pictured too, well his shadow is...
 Hope you are enjoying what is left of the spring. And go ahead - journal about the "little things"!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

They're 5! We Gotta Have a Party!

What?? It feels like a short time ago, Glen and I received the news from our doctor that we would be having not one, but two babies! I walked around for the rest of that day in some sort of haze. It was like seeing double. I kept thinking "two, two cribs, two carseats. two." Other moms of multiples would smile and tell me the first few years would be a blur anyway. No doubt, year one and two were all about surviving with cuteness thrown in between. However, I have been gripping year 3 and 4 to no avail. They still turned 5 on me.

We decided that "5" calls for a real party - with friends and all. I came up with the theme when I happened upon red and white striped straws in our garage. A carnival. We would throw a mini-carnival. Easy, right? Says the girl who doesn't host parties. How hard could it be? I already had straws and a bouncy house!  Those of you who have done this before are smiling right now, aren't you?? And so the adventure began...

I spent a day and a half shopping around, while trying to remain frugral. It took an entire evening to ready decorations and games. And of course preparations began early and continued until guests arrived (even with the help of my mom!).

We had a prize basket,  a favor basket, jelly bean jars and rainbow lollipop jars to name of few things.

Sitting in our garage were 8 brown, medal folding chairs awaiting spray paint. Hey! Why not paint them the day before the party?? The colors totally go with the theme.  So we spent the day before cleaning up the yard AND spray painting folding chairs. My husband loves me. hehe

With little experience at hosting events, I'm afraid I was too busy to capture many pictures of the tables, etc. However,  my niece took over the role of photographer and captured memories of the kids at play. That's what really matters, right?

My sweet brother popped popcorn and stuffed individual bags. My hubby hung balloons in groups of 3 from the trees and we set out tables for our carnival/picnic food. NO PIC - BOO! There were corn dogs, deviled eggs, regular hotdogs, fruit, animal crackers, etc.

I wanted to turn our camper into a sideshow or freakshow. Glen nixed the idea and I ran out of time anyway. NEXT time!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekly Roundup

JHardy T-shir, WHBM Jeans, Merrell shoes
craziness continues...

On Earth day this year I just happened to venture with my preschoolers, sister and her 2 little girls to the zoo.

The zoo.

What a perfect place to observe Earth day.

With your...

PLASTIC, disposable CUP??...I drank my smoothie in a plastic cup. I'm so sorry earth!

I don't make a habit of that so I will endeavor to do better next time. Here is a pic of our young ones enjoying the scenery...

Running Errands...

WEDGES: Sam Edelman (Nordstrom Rack)

Plaid:EddieBauer/Chinos:Banana Republic/Scarf:Target

My little buddy photo bombing. He makes me smile! I played around with prints and stayed comfortable by wearing loose fitted chinos.

Off to Church...in a new shirt

Striped, lace T:Rack/Skirt:GAP/Shoes:theRAck
So, the Rack was having an additional 25% off their clearance, which is a sale I had not seen in awhile. Needless to say I was excited but I had two 10 year old boys with me. Yeah. It was a fly through the racks like you've never seen with no time to try on. I made a choice to just purchase and try on later.  This shirt is one of my finds for under $10. I love the lace on the sleeves, the soft feel and the subtle, neutral tone with stripes.  Are my lace-up wedges close enough to the cage sandal that is trending right now?

I'm linking up with the pleated poppy this week.

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