Saturday, June 21, 2014

A few casuals

Hello! Summer is well underway with a close to 2 week trip to Florida for my family, followed by a full blown schedule upon our return.   Our church hosted their annual Vacation Bible Camp with around 1500 children and over 500 helpers moving about the building like a colony of ants. So today, I'm taking a breather and trying to remember what it felt like to be on vacation.  

There is no need for pomp and circumstance for these simple outfits I wore right at the beginning of summer.

Skinny Capris

This dress/shirt was found at a yard sale. I'm thinking it may become a bathing suit cover up. The capris were a birthday gift last year.  As for the sandals? I actually purchased those last year during one of Clark's sales.  I'm learning that good shoes take care of not only your feet, but your legs as well.

Breaking out the Hat

This striped shirt from Gap, Clark sandals and hat from Khols were purchased last year. The cargo capris from Eddie Bauer have been around for quite some time now.

Comfy White Skirt

This ensemble hails from Gap as well. And the shoes? Well, they are my son's. I am looking for a pair of comfy casual sneaks. But since he doesn't wear them I thought I'd try them out.

I hope you are enjoying your summer by getting some quality time with loved ones, grabbing a little poolside fun and much more!


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