Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Beanies to Love

What is happening to me? Now that the cold weather has finally arrived, I have become beanie-crazed. I blame it all on my husband. You can read all about that here.

Sweater is last year's Limited find, leggings, boots and scarf are old!

So where does this wonderful beanie come from? My SIL picked out this hat for me in the Limited, while on our traditional Christmas shopping adventure together in Illinois. I tried it on. Loved it. Checked out the price tag - $50. NOPE! However, on another shopping outing, I was able to snag this hat for $15! Christmas time is one of the best times to find deals, but it's also a time when most of us don't have extra cash to spend on ourselves.  My solution is to put aside a few dollars here and there from my clothing fund throughout the year, for such a time as this!

Hope you are staying warm my friends!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Penguin Lovers Unite

 I loved how this grey and black outfit turned out! And if you love penguins, you are going to love this LOFT sweater. Do I love penguins? Sure. Why not? The sweater is a Christmas gift from my MIL, but the rest of the ensemble are from seasons past.

What's coming up in 2016...

  • The total purging of my closet and home (This week was the 3rd time in 2015 that I cleaned out clothes that I rarely wear, don't feel great in, etc.)
  • Another ReNew Event for the women at our church
  • Blog posts on some products I've tried, as well as posts on making much out of little
  • More work on our small ranch home (Yup. We are still here)
  • A singing "gig" (with a couple super talented ladies) for a women's retreat in February

 My latest mini project is a work in progress in our master bedroom. Here is a sneak peek...

Deer "head" and sign were crafted by Christy Beasley, a local artist

I intend to celebrate even the small successes and achievements this year! You can see the results of my now grey-washed fireplace here.

Happy January my friends!


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