Saturday, September 24, 2016

Outfits Picked by My Virtual Sylist...

Today's post is a followup to the previous review on the Pureple styling app...

Last week I put my latest styling app to the test by allowing the Pureple virtual stylist give me two outfit suggestions for the day.  I'd pick my favorite and run with it. Each day I had a blast documenting the outfits on Snapchat and IG stories. Here's the 5 Day results! 

Day 1 Pick:

I think the challenge is off to a good start with a combination I've yet to wear from my closet. This was super comfortable, but I still felt put together. Well done Pureple. 

Day 2 Options & Pic:

I liked both of these options, but option 1 is not something I would usually put together so I picked it. I received quite a few compliments, so I was glad I did. Maybe I should step it up a notch more often!

Day 3 Options & Pic:

Too crazy. Let's try again...

Phew! Option 2 I could do. I liked the ankle boots with the leggings, as well as the way the handbag pulled out the orange.

Day 4 Options & Pick

 I thought this looked cute on the app, but it didn't translate as well in real life.  Let's try again...

Oh yeah! I thought this was super cute and I'm not sure I would have thought to put them together.

Day 5 - Fellow User Suggestion

For my final day, I decided to go with a suggestion from a fellow Pureple App user...

Some of the outfits felt like they were over styled with crazy mixes of pattern and color, but all in all I'd say that inspiration was gained, purses were switched out and items that aren't normally worn were pulled out of the closet.

I will continue to use the Pureple style app for organizing my wardrobe, keeping track of when I wore  what, as well as occasional style suggestions.

Some of the features I'd love to see added is the ability to have the "stylist" suggest add ons to an outfit I create myself and the ability to suggest outfits based on season, occasion etc. Other than that, this app is top notch!

Do you use a style app? If so, which one do you use?

Thanks for reading!


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