Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Layering Pieces, Fav Booties & Rehearsal Dinner Insights

I had fun layering with this outfit, though the picture doesn't do it much justice.   The sandstone booties were picked to tie in the lace vest. Honestly, I have to make a concentrated effort not to reach for these booties from Clarks all the time.

They are incredibly comfortable and match with nearly everything! 

I wore this ensemble to a rehearsal dinner with my husband and ended up feeling slightly underdressed upon arrival! You never know these days, but I could have swapped out the booties for a pair of heels for a dressier effect! Like I said, I can't seem to stop wearing them! 

Here's a few tips I received tip from a friend on how to dress for rehearsal dinners and other bigger events...

  • Pay attention to the invitation over what is being served.  (I saw Mexican cuisine and thought casual. Wrong.)
  • You could also look the venue up on the internet to gain extra insight. 
  • All else fails you could go straight to the bride. 

Well, my concerns quickly dissipated once food, that I had no part in preparing, was served. Not to mention the fact that the hubby and I were given an evening free of kiddos.

Extra bonus,  I woke up a few mornings later to find this photo in my IG newsfeed from the Pureple app I use!

They featured my outfit! Now that makes a girl feel better. Thank you Pureple!

How do you determine your outfits for bigger events? 

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress: LulaRoe
Lace Vest: Altar'd State
Booties: Clarks (still in stores)



  1. Cute outfit! I love the lacey overlay! And congrats! It's fun to have a feature like that!


  2. I love suede booties. These are so cute too.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for hosting the link up. :)

  3. Love that outfit to pieces!! And what a darling couple you are!! So happy you linked up with us; LOVE your style!!

  4. Joyous to know about this rehearsal dinner and hope this kind of rehearsal will help me in arranging my sister’s wedding dinner. The wedding is being arranged at one of lovely San Francisco venues and hope to have a great time.

    1. That sounds lovely! :) Best of luck to you and of course to the bride.


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