Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fringe Vest & Instagram/Snapchat Stories

Necklace by Premier Designs

Believe it or not my reader friends, it is still in the upper 80s and low 90's here in Georgia. One wants to pull out her fall clothing, but one does not want to roast! Today was a day of errand running and I knew there was potential to be walking outside from time to time, so I chose my items carefully.

*Newly added skinny jeans by Judy Blue, a black Old Navy tank, the LOFT vest that I'm wearing out lately and some brown accessories made this an easy, put together outfit.*

Now, please allow me to share just a couple pics from my crazy Snapchat and IG stories that show how I entertained myself on said errands.  Honestly, I have a little too much fun with these apps here lately but if you're easily entertained, as am I, feel free to join me at granolangrace.

My first stop was to drop off our van for an oil change. I anticipated some wait time, but when they told me 2 hours I knew I wasn't going to hang in their shop all morning. (Hence the IG & Snapchat stories!)

What's a girl to do...Just a short walk across the street brought me to our local mall...

Next up is to get rid of the heavy boots I was lugging around for my husband.

Then I sauntered over to the Threading Lounge for a little eyebrow clean up. I'm a regular, who sees the same attendant each time. I love her and her fabulous attention to detail.  Some people feel like threading is more painful, but I think it's worth it. It's not as rough as waxing on the delicate skin around your eyes. In addition, I think they are able to get a cleaner look than a quick rip with the wax. 

With that done, my makeup free and slightly red face was in need of some help. I looked tired. Armed with time and a coupon I headed over to Bare Minerals for a look at their new foundation, known as barePRO Performance Wear.

I had a blast chatting it up with make up artist, Rochelle, and learning a few extra tips for applying eye makeup. However the lighting in their store is no bueno, so I snapped a quick pic with Rochelle because she was just too sweet, and then found a better spot to show you what the makeup looked like...

Threaded Brows and Fresh Makeup

This makeup is priced at $30.00,  had a great assortment of shades, a smooth texture and it definitely lasted all day. However, for now I will stick with their Complexion Resuce foundation and wait until they get a smaller trial size or gift set before I switch up. Unfortunately, I need more than one day when testing out a new foundation.

Well, the two hours was quickly coming to an end, but still no word from the shop. What to do next...

I took full advantage of this gift card by splurging on a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and a protein boxed lunch. Btw, I asked for 1 pump only on the coffee treat. I don't like it too sweet. And this lunch was enjoyed outside, listening to the fountain run. All in all, it was a fabulous morning. I almost didn't want to leave to pick up the van, but real life awaited me across the street and home.

That's all for day folks!  Do you get your brows threaded? And what line of makeup do you use?

If you haven't tried threading, I hope you're inspired to do so! Or maybe it's time to refresh your makeup!




  1. That BEST; that's beautiful lady! I just love how versatile a nice light weight vest is! I'm with you girl, I only ever get one pump of syrup in my PSL as I don't like it too sweet either. I hope you have a glorious day!

  2. VEST not Best. Well it is the best but darn voice to text, lol

    1. Haha! thank you! Your comments are the best. Really.

  3. Love the vest! And the fringe! Two of my favorite things :)

  4. Well I love this Fall look. I was wearing a similar vest yesterday with my skinny dark blue denim and a striped tee underneath. Also, I do want to get my eyebrows threaded once. Thanks for the tip. ;-)

    Welcome by and linkup your latest with me. Would love to have you. A new linkup is live every Thursday.

    Thanks, Ada. =)


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