Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coffee. Is It Better with a Burr?

Before I talk about what grinder we use, allow me to share what lengths I may go to for a freshly ground cup of coffee...

The sun has yet to rise and though I'd rather still be sleeping, I accept my early fate and start plan B: make the coffee. With eyes half closed,  I shuffle out into the kitchen, remove our burr coffee grinder from its rightful place and creep into the garage. From there I maneuver around bikes and other garage-y items to the work bench. This is our only attainable outlet. It's being utilized, so I stretch, reach and battle with chords and surrounding items until I pull it free. Finally, I'm able to plug in the grinder and press the button. Sleepily, I rest my head on some box while that noisy contraption grinds my coffee. Soon there will be coffee. 

Why not just grind it inside? Well, that would mean waking children and therefore, no peaceful sipping. It's worth it. I just wonder if I'm alone in my craziness...for the love of coffee in the morning.

So while we're on the topic of coffee, I thought I'd share about our semi-recent purchase of the burr grinder I mentioned above.

We were introduced to the idea of a burr grinder at a gathering with friends. Isn't that where the trouble always starts?? I couldn't help but notice the smooth coffee taste. While we are not strangers to good coffee, I've often wondered why the coffee vendors always seem to brew their coffee better. Before too long, I was investigating at Costco; peppering the coffee representative with questions. What was their secret? His reply was the consistency of the grounds. I looked at his ground coffee and went home to our grinder. After several unsuccessful attempts at mimicking his grounds, I gave up.  

Now it seemed as if our friends had figured out the grinding trick. The coffee tasted great, however I wasn't convinced that I needed another small appliance sitting on my counter. We already had a small grinder.

A few months passed by and I stumble onto an article about how regular coffee grinders burn the coffee beans. In addition, a burr grinder will grind the perfect amount of coffee grinds constituently. This could mean a possible savings, since we grind more than necessary.

I polled my Facebook friends for grinder suggestions without mentioning "burr" grinders. Friends responded with links to burr grinders on Amazon. 

So I started reading reviews and chose the Cuisinart burr grinder. It is not even close to the most expensive--wow! people love coffee,-- but, after sifting through all the "I love its" and "I hate its", we decided to take a chance. This model stores up to a pound of coffee beans and features the ability to choose the amount of coffee you would like grind, as well as a course to fine ground bean selector.

The cons for this particular grinder were one, the amount of coffee dust left in the container post-grinding and two, the noise level. However, when I read reviews for comparable grinders, I found that this was common.

All in all, I'd say that this was a worthwhile investment that I'd purchase again (with my reward points). We are already spoiled by the close to perfectly ground portions and sweet tasting freshness in every pot!

And in case your wondering what type of coffee we use on a regular basis, I'm happy to share this brand that we've used for a couple of years now. 

Both Costco and Sam's carry this brand, but only Sam's has the Guatemalan beans. Costco sells a mixed blend, called Don Pablo's. Personally, I like the smooth taste of the medium-dark Guatemalan bean. It's one of the few things I purchase at Sam's. 

Also, if you're in the market for decaf that is water processed, this company makes a great Colombian decaf. My husband has a disdain for decaf, but admits that he likes the taste of this particular coffee. Great Tasting Decaf

So what do you think? 


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