Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chacos & Charleston

It was warm out. Maybe a little too warm. That southern charm is not without it's summer humidity, but that didn't stop this gaggle of women spending a weekend together from getting out and touring the city!
Charleston, SC boasts captivating sights, as well as delectable bites for the foodie in us all.  With the rich, intriguing history you could spend hours touring and learning it's secrets, but we only had a day. One day to sample said goodies, shop the shops and take in the sights. Some of us are determined to squeeze in all that we can...First order up was a carriage tour.
By no means do I claim to be a history buff, but the stories fascinate me. To think a fascinating structure has been home to many generations! One home in particular has yet to be sold, but continues to pass from one offspring to the next.
It was fun to wonder at their lives. As the air grew increasingly warm and thick with that famous humidity, i couldn't help but think of how the poor survived back in the day. I didn't want the carriage ride to end, but our hour was up.

A few pics from our adventure...

Here we are pre-carriage ride, waiting in line for the one stalled potty before. 

20 minutes later and we are loaded up and ready to go. One friend suggested that I speak with a British accent for the entire ride. That lasted a sentence...ah well, there wasn't much time to speak anyway, for there was too much to learn from our guide. Sorry no pic of the adorable southern boy.

 Shops had pictures to indicate their merchandise for the many who were unable to read. Here is an example of the hat shop, if you hadn't guessed.

Stone imported from England...I know. Selfie overload. I just wanted you to know I was really there!

We leave our carriage tour and being knocking around the city...

Why the awkward bike pose? Well, the motorcycle is not mine and for some reason we thought it would be funny to hop on. You see I didn't fully commit.

Our walk around the city also included some fabulous alleys. I could have stayed there for hours! So romantic, charming and beautiful.

Top: Target, Pants: Marissa Jill's, Chacos: REI, Backpack Purse: Clarks

The brick. I loved the brick walls and building. This next photo was from one of my favorite home entry ways!

Thank you for putting up with my selfie craze.

Oh, and my fabulous purchase from the market for the day. I know. What in the world? I'm in the open market with soaps, hand made creations and so much more and I buy this...

I can't even figure out how to use them on my own!!! And I spent $20 on them!! The heat must have gotten to me.

We did a lot of walking...And the chaocos?!! They were perfect for  those long walks on the hot day! And the hat was great to keep my frizzing hair under control.

 Sadly we had to leave the fine city of Charleston, but my adventure blues were short lived. Take in this dining location!  I wanted to bring this view home with me.


My crazy friends wanted to go "paint the boat" in Foley Beach, only a 45 minute drive away. But they wanted to paint it at 12. Go to War-Mart, purchase paint supplies and then paint it! I was quite the reluctant participant, but once I woke up I couldn't stop giggling and enjoying the adventure. Love these crazy girls!!

What great memories made!

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