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Simply Earth's Essential Oils Recipe Box for October Is Superb

The October subscription box for Simply Earth essential oils is out and I LOVE it! The contents make me "feel" October in spite of my hot Florida vibes and I can't wait to share it with YOU! So today I'm thrilled to feature the contents, the first couple of recipes I've already put together, as well as the organization that Simply Earth is partnering with for this month! 

Is it crazy that I get so excited about essential oils? After all, this is not my first experience with EOs by any means, and it's not my first box from Simply Earth. (You can read about my first experience with this fabulous company AND my comical first altercation with essential oils HERE in my September post.) 

However, the colorful, eye catching recipe cards with step by step instructions for ways to put these quality EOs into day to day use, make this DIY challenged heart happy! Not to mention, the fact that they supply me with activities to engage my younger boys if I so choose. 

I'm taking steps towards a more natural home without having to come up with the "what" or "how"!

Now let's get on with sharing goodies for this month!

The October box...

~4 Bottles of Essential Oil: Energy Blend, Citrus Burst, Rosemary, Cinnamon
~6 Recipe Cards 
~Candle Wax and a wick to make your own candle
~An inhaler tube
~A "Creepy Crawler" Repellant bag/sachet and Toy Spider
~Adorable, Festive Labels to decorate your creations

Once I had my box open, I reached for each bottle and tested their fragrance. Sigh. My favorite part.  Then I wasted no time thumbing through the recipe cards. After perusing the possibilities I decided try what looked to be easiest of the easy - the "inhaler"...

First Two Recipes Down!

Uplifting Inhaler

As instructed, I picked out the citrus burst and rosemary bottles from the box and added the suggested amount of drops. Can I say that the two together smell positively heavenly? I can see why this is entitled "uplifting".   Within 5 minutes I had my inhaler complete and ready to go into my purse for those moments when I need a boost. Might be a few - ha!

Energy Roller

It was a treat to engage my young gentleman in a little DIY that offered hands on entertainment and an opportunity to gain practice at following instructions. 

Drop Energy blend oil into roller
Add carrier, fractionated coconut oil
Decorate with sticker

So simple, yet fun...
Coconut Oil came in my FREE bonus box with start of subscription.
Extra roller came in my FREE bonus box at start of subscription. 

These festive, decorative labels give me all the warm fuzzies! They make the organization and storage of the bottles more attractive and functional! 

Making a Difference...

This month, Simply Earth is partnering with "Daughter's Project", a nonprofit organization out of Ohio, that helps sex trafficking survivors begin their life long road to recovery and healing. For more information on "Daughter's Project" and Jeff, the director, go HERE. I like knowing that 13% of October's profits are supporting an organization like this!

Do you love what you see of the superb October box so far?? Can you see why I'm enjoying it so much? There's DIY fun, a path to good health, steps towards a natural home, gift ideas, attractive style and ways to give back all packed up in a simple box! I can't wait to share the rest of the recipes from this month!!

Want to join me on the adventures and get your own box?? Well, here's more details... 

Simply Earth's recipe box is $39 a month. Of course you can manage your account to your liking. Need to skip, pause, or even cancel? It's no problem, you are in charge!

If you choose to try their DIY subscription box with affordable, pure oils and extra freebies, use my code! With it you will receive the $50 bonus box for FREE and a $20 gift card to purchase other goodies from their site! Here's the LINK and type in the following code at checkout:


Thank you so much for reading along my friends. You're the best! :)



  1. I haven't heard of this box before and it looks so fun - love these all natural options:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Hi Laura! So nice to have you by the blog. :) Thank you for reading. I hope you get time to check out Simply EArth - you'll love heart as well as their oils - and I look forward to visiting your blog soon!

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this brand. I guess it's time for me to try it. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica |

    1. Yes, I LOVE their mission on giving back 13% to organizations that fight against sex trafficking. And their oils are great quality and affordable. :)

  3. What a fun box and your boys dabbling with them is just the cutest. (also a great habit to start for life) I have acquired a little collection of oils myself. So do you "sell" for this company or just collaborate with them. I actually need to order some Tea Tree oil for Katie today. Lovely post friend. XO

    1. Thank you Lisa! I just collaborate with Simply Earth. And you reminded me that I forgot to mention that. lol. They sell oils individually and are definitely worth looking into, as they have great prices but don't sacrifice on quality. Love their heart for giving back and helping children, teens and adult women!

  4. I have never heard of this box before. Or this brand of EO! I am going to check them out now.

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you for stopping by for a visit and you will love Simply Earth. Let me know what you find. :)

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