Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Camo Pocket Dress

Pocket Dress: Entourage Clothing/Purse: Clarks/Shades: Costco/ Jewelry: Premier Designs

Up close view from my recent snapchat story of this fun necklace and earrings:

A little accessory change up...

And in case you're a fan of big, crazy hair...

Pocket Dress: Entourage Clothing/ Shoes & Vest: Marissa Jill's Boutique/Jewelry: Premier Designs

I love this dress! The soft, flowy fabric, roomy fit and pockets give it a sublime rating in comfort. And hello! It's camo! How fun is that?!

So where did I find this lovely dress? I thought you'd never ask.

This past winter I had another opportunity to meet Elizabeth Herrin, corporate stylist for Entourage Clothing (also known as Mz Savvy Style, a blog I've followed for some time now). She was our guest speaker for a fashion & style event that a friend of mine put together. After hearing her share tips, secrets and encouragement we devised a plan to visit her at the local boutique in Athens.  My friend worked hard to get a girl's outing on the calendar so we were excited when the day finally arrived. 

Side note: Did you know that each Entourage store has an onsite stylist to assist you with your selections? Tori was "our" onsite stylist, and helped me get into trouble with another outfit, which I am saving for my next post! 

Back to the dress...Was I in the market for a camouflage dress? No. In fact, with the arrival of spring and the new floral trends my sights were set on a floral dress. However, once I tried this one on, the rich green tones enticed me and I was sold.  I must also mention that I was highly encouraged by said group.  Oh, I also tried on a camo tee and realized I was getting carried away. No worries, the tee found it's home with this cutie. ----->>>>

Well that's all for today my reader friends. I look forward to sharing my second outing and I proudly give photo credit (for actual outfit shots) to my friend and aspiring photographer Courtney Roulain. Check out her IG page @courtney.elizabeth.photo! We made great memories that day being silly and chatting over lunch. Can't wait to do it again. :)



  1. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. You look awesome in this dress! I love that dress! So cool!

    1. Thank you! And how sweet it is to link up with your blog now that I've met you in person. :) I hope you are keeping warm in beautiful Alaska!

  2. How adorable is your camo pocket dress Chrissy. OMG I love it. That shaggy olive vest matches it to perfection. Your back-pack is so cute too and I want one like it. ;-)

    Welcome by and join this week's new Thursday Moda linkup with me. Anew linkup goes up every Wednesday evening! Thanks and enjoy the weekend!


    Ada =)

    1. Thank you Ada! I am glad to link up with your site. Thank you for the invite.


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