Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Jeans Fill My Spring

Fun background is in the newly renovated children's department at our church!

Hello! As spring continues to bring unpredictable weather, I wear the mess out of these green jeans. The distressed denim is great for warmer days and the fact that my legs are mostly covered works for the cooler days as well. A plan to purchase another pair in another color is already in the works. After all, if I'm not careful I will wear these until the bottom half of the left pant leg falls right off!

Snap Chat Picture Share to get a good look at those accessories. ;)

Outfit Breakdown: Top: Altar'd State/ Jeans: Marisa Jills/Shoes: Clarks/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Next up for the green jeans...Coffee and Jesus

Outfit: Top: Local Boutique/The Rest is the Same as above!

As you can see in the second outfit I only changed out the top, necklace and earrings. However, I felt like I had a new getup. If you're curious, this is how I styled this top back in the fall with some inspirational thoughts for your day as well. 

In closing, I share my family photo from Easter Sunday. I hope you had a great weekend and love connecting with you. Share your comments or connect with me on Snapchat (granolangrace) or Instagram



Monday, April 3, 2017

Frayed Hem Jeans & Tassel Top

Hello! Today's outfit features these completely justifiable additions to my closet.  At least that's what I tell myself. I mean, when I consider the utter lack of frayed-hem jeans and minimal amounts of tasseled tops that reside in my closet, it gets me. Right here (yeah, I'm pointing to my heart. And yes, I'm utterly ridiculous and dramatic). 

I know. You're too busy for such nonsense so I'll get right to it. As I mentioned in the previous post, our grown up field trip to the Entourage clothing store resulted in a few good finds. The cost per wear on that camo dress is reducing quickly with 3 wears within 2 weeks! 

I feel confident to get equal amounts of use out of this top and pair of jeans. And as you can see in the picture above, it was a group favorite!

Classic Denim Jacket & Leopard Flats

 Denim jacket: Old Navy (OLD)/ Top: Entourage/Bottoms: Entourage/Shoes:OLD/Jewelry: Premier Designs/Handbag (similar)

Trendy Utility Jacket & Green Fab Shoes

Jacket: GAP(similar)/Top:Entourage/Pants:Entourage/Shoes: NordstromRACK/Jewelry: Premier Designs

I'll have a hard time choosing a favorite on these two changeups, so destination will be the deciding factor. The fun wedges can only be worn for a few hours before my feet say "enough'.  Which one is more your favorite?

Once again, a huge thank you to Courtney at Courtney.Elizabeth.Photography for these great shots and the girl time!! :)

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