Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Black Tee, Flare Jeans & More Cakes

Wow! What a week! My dad and his girlfriend came into town from Florida to visit family (of course) and to watch our 13 year old perform in Singing in the Rain Jr. at his school. After the whirlwind that passed in the week before, having visitors felt like calm. 

Of course I had to take them to Splat Cakes (Click here if you haven't heard of my Splat adventure) to experience a tasty treat that was quite loved in their residence of Charlotte, NC. One of the shop owners informed me that at their closing patrons purchased cupcakes by the dozens to freeze. Must feel nice. I hope Splat feels equally loved here in the peach state. We went twice! 

Before I share more cupcake pics here are a few more outfit details - yes please!!

I purchased this gorgeous tee when the Watoto Children's choir visited our church. One song and they had captured my heart. It was easy to shop with a purpose that day! If you'd like to learn more about their ministry and shop their site in support of them click HERE.

Outfit breakdown:
Watoto tee: Exact/Jeans: LOFT (old)/Boots: Wet Seal (old)/Jewelry:Premier Designs

Onto Cupcakes...

On our first visit, I decided to consume my free cupcake...
Yet Another Chocolate Vegan 


Before their visit was over  we had to return to SPLAT to pick a cupcake for Collin on his opening night. I was so proud of him. I started crying before I got there. Dad and I sang "Good Morning" all throughout the day. Even recorded it for Instagram and Snapchat. I know. Pitiful.

Collin with VERY VANILLA at Singin' In the Rain

Singing In The Rain

"Good Morning" - cuz I couldn't get it out of my head!

Two More Cupcakes went out to his Drama Teachers/Leaders - Strawberry Shortcake!
I'm kicking myself for not snapping a picture of them, but I'll blame it on proud mamma emotions. I did nab this photo of one of the directors...So grateful for Josh Sass and Lee Glover!!

Well, that's a wrap! ;)

I hope you have a wonderful day!




  1. That cupcake win is coming in handy! And you're rocking the flares! I styled mine on the blog yesterday. Your lil guy is a gem, I have always loved Singin in The Rain!!

    1. Thank you. He is a gem. ;0) Be still my heart!! The cupcake win is so fun. Wish you were local. You can be sure you'd get one. ;)


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