Monday, May 1, 2017

Navy, White & Unexpected Surprises

Outfit Breakdown: Navy Top:LOFT (OLD)/Frayed Hem Jeans: Entourage Clothing/ Shoes: Sam Edelman/Necklace & Earrings: Premier Designs Jewelry

Accessory TIP: See how I layered my necklaces? I took a long pendant necklace and looped it around my neck for a shorter, cute option and then layered it with a delicate long chain with arrows. This was just another way to add more wear to the jewelry I already own!

Hey! How are ya?? Why do I look so darn happy in front of this coffee shop?? Ok. I'll tell you all about it.

This past week felt overly hectic. Yes. More than the norm with four boys and their differing schedules.  We had dental appointments, field day, a couple's event at our church, a birthday and a birthday party to throw, flag football and a small group event to attend! And of course there was our regular activities to keep the house running.  Much of these commitments were fun but all at once makes this homebody a little cranky. By Saturday, I was becoming dangerously close to weepy and I had already passed loopy.  

However, in all the crazy fun there was an unexpected surprise that added adventure to the insanity. I won a drawing for a cupcake a day for a year at a local bakery! And since my home was close to the bakery, guess where I popped in most days of the week?? Yup. Splat! 

My husband and I are trying to cut back on sugar so I decided to surprise friends when I'm able with a cupcake treat. All that running around I had to do made this self-imposed adventure possible! My twins received a birthday cupcake and the rest traveled around town to whoever popped into my head and were on my route. 

Confetti Cupcakes for these Cuties on their birthday!

Sweet Chocolate with Cream Cheese Frosting for this worker bee!

Strawberry Shortcake for a friend having a tough day...

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate for a friend with food allergies...

I ventured to try the gluten and vegan option in vanilla and it was delicious!!

Ok my friends. That's it for today. I've much to do and who knows, maybe I'll end up at the bakery. It's so very tempting. Be sure to follow me on Instagram or Snapchat to keep up with random craziness and adventures like these. ;)




  1. Well I bet it was your luck cause you're sweet as can be!! How fun and how classy do you look! I adore your outfit on the bench too!

    1. Oh my, you say the sweetest things - thank you! And thank you for noticing my second outfit. Getting pictures is a big challenge these days. The schedule is full and the tripod is just subpar. ;) As always, thank you for commenting and making me feel special.

  2. I am a huge fan of navy and white. Always have been. Even better that you added a pop of baby blue because I cannot get enough of that color lately. Your cropped fringe jeans and wedges are the cutest! I am wearing similar wedges on my post today, but mine are red. =) Great minds think alike and great minds are ready for Spring, Chrissy!

    My brand-new linkup this week will go live tonight at 8.00 PM Eastern! You can find it on this post (below). Welcome by and share your awesome style with me and my readers. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Ada. You make blogging fun with your sweet, detailed comments! Wouldn't it have been fun to own a baby blue purse to pull it all together? Well, we work with what we have don't we? See you at your link up!

  3. Thanks for linking up to our Ageless Style Linkup party. That's so funny. After a year you can't see cupcakes anymore.

    1. Haha! I know. That's why I'm giving most of them away. ;) Thank you for commenting!

  4. Two wonderful looks! I enjoy layering my necklaces, too. What a cool and fun prize to win! I know you enjoy being able to share with others. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Chrissy!

  5. You have such a generous heart Chrissy!! What a shining example of love!!


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