Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pumped Up Kicks & Two Dresses

Hello my reader friends! What a joy it is for me to share life and style with you here on the blog, and of course see yours as well. Today I'm featuring a mix of athleisure and edgy, which are a couple of my favorites.

Dress 1: Camo Fun

This t-shirt dress is soft and it has pockets. I mean, really. Camo? Soft Fabric? Pockets? Roomy? What else do I need and can I complain about anything while wearing it? Ok, I will say that without my cutoff leggings underneath (I cut off a pair of black leggings for the perfect bicycle short fit!), I would feel vulnerable to breezes, sitting and entering or exiting a vehicle. That being said, I put those leggings on and went about my day, knowing that my underwear was safely hidden from the public; as it should be. ;)

As far as these Adidas kicks go, they are now my favorite casual sneaker.  I can't stop envisioning all the outfits I can wear them with! This morning I woke up and thought about a black and white stripe dress that it would be fun to sport them with. What is wrong with me??? I picked up these shoes, along with the wedges I recently featured at Rack Room Shoes. Their BOGO half off sale is going on, which I couldn't resist knowing that a gift card was waiting to be used in my wallet.

It goes without saying that these sneakers are comfortable and I love the leather look of them.

My mood was adventurous and I kept grabbing for more accessories to layer with this outfit.

Choker. Ouu, I like that. Let's see, how about some hematite thrown in? Oh yeah. Wait, I think I can add in a longer pop of silver. Finito!

The bracelet and the necklaces are apart of my new collection, so I couldn't wait to sport them. I love the mixed, hammered medals with a touch of femininity in the the sparkly stones. Yes I called them sparkly stones. It's also nice to have a thicker wrap that draws the attention to the smallest part of my body, like an arm party, without the work of an arm party!

Outfit Breakdown:
Camo Dress: Entourage/Pumped Up Kicks: Rack Room Shoes/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Dress 2: Chambray Classic

Here's the other dress I styled these shoes with...

I love this classic chambray dress, which has been featured on the blog with a dressier look (check that out here).  This style came together quickly and easily, for an errands kind of day. There had been no time to wash and style my hair, so the cap was a no brainer!

Outfit Breakdown:
Chambray Dress: Target/White Jacket: Hand-Me-Down/Kicks: Rack Room Shoes/Hat: OLD/Trusty Backpack Purse: Clarks USA/Jewelry: Premier Designs
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Ok, if you made it this far, I will close with a little bit of silly cuteness. The cuteness is from my boys of course. ;)

We survived our first week of homeschool so I thought we should celebrate with iced coffee for mom and cupcakes for the boys!

Yes! We still go to splat! My year of free cupcakes isn't over yet!

Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Pearls, Kimonos & New Shoes

Hello my reader friends! I will keep it short, sweet and simple today. The boys and I are adjusting to our new experience with homeschool, in addition to all the craziness that pops up in between! (Sidenote, random confession: Homeschooling the twins is a little crazy, but parenting my teens feels crazier!!)

That said, let's move on to today's post. My birthday month (yes! I'm still talking about this other life change.) is quickly coming to a close, but the celebrating continues as I play with my new gifts.  Gifts like these new shoes and this new kimono! The kimono was from my friend and LulaRoe rep, Shannon. It's the perfect layering piece to get me ready for fall.  The trending floral print had yet to reside in my closet and the 3 quarter length sleeves will ward off the highly anticipated chill of September. Honestly, I couldn't wait to wear it and started out with a white top and hematite jewelry combination...

Stiletto Earrings & Daring Necklace by Premier Designs
Within the same week, I pulled it out again to give new life to this dress from Altar'd State that I had yet to wear this season! The kimono looked nice left open, but I wanted to try something different by tying it up in the front. What do you think?

Pearls seemed to be the natural, complementing choice with this neutral lace dress...

Pearls by Premier Designs
As far as the shoes go, another sweet friend surprised me with a gift card to Rack Room shoes. I wasted no time in picking out a new pair of neutral wedges! They seemed comfortable in the store, but as we know the true test is when we wear them for a couple of hours. I've worn these twice for an entire day with no problems! Not bad for a shoe that is on sale for around $30! (I also found a pair of fabulous Adidas that I'm excited to share with you in a post to come!)

A couple extra pairs of shoes. ;)

I forgot to get a picture of the side view of these shoes, so here ya go...

Outfit Breakdown:

That's all for today my reader friends. I close with this sweet pic of today's photographers and shoe pic photo bombers. :)


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WIW & Playing In a Friend's Closet

Hello! Today's post has more than my usual, but I hope you can hang on until the end. I know and I understand, the days are so full now!  First, let me share a mini adventure featuring this casual outfit, and then tell you about an opportunity I had to help a friend shop her own closet. 

Zoo Get Up

***These chacos are on sale for $55.00 on the REI website!!***

Nothing fancy. I was going for cool and comfortable, which is why I reached for my linen, flowy tank from the GAP. You know what would be nice? A linen cami of sorts to layer it with? I suppose you could layer a bralette underneath, but I've not purchased one yet, so I made do with my salmon colored tank and hoped for the best. The idea was to match the tank, sandals and lipstick, but it did not translate well in the pics the way I'd hoped.

In spite of the hot weather, this day turned out to be wonderful! My only regret is not insisting on a few group photos. The zoo is one of the few places that every family member enjoys. We all love viewing the reptile habitat, which they recently reconstructed at our zoo. It's beautiful. The whole place is beautiful and I plan on returning once the weather cools down.

Someone was worn out by the time we got to the restaurant...

There was time for one short shopping outing with my beautiful mother in law...

***Shop Your Closet***

Now I'm taking today's post on a wild turn...from animals to the crazy and sometimes savage condition of the female closet!! Is it a complete mess? Is it neat and orderly? Whatever the state your closet is in, the question of what to wear will still be voiced from time to time. Which brings me to the next question...what do you do when you're stuck in a fashion rut? I blog and gain weekly inspiration from my fellow bloggers. I now find that putting outfits together is a fun hobby that is so practiced I don't think too much about the process anymore. Of course I get stuck in fashion ruts, but with the weekly inspiration gained from other bloggers, I don't stay there long.

But what about those of us that don't blog, or find enjoyment from playing dress-up in their closet? There are some that look at their closet and feel overwhelmed and don't have any idea as to what to add or take away from their existing wardrobe. Time to search Pinterest for capsule wardrobe ideas, or scroll through endless IG pics just isn't available.

I've shopped with friends to help them pick out a few new items, because who doesn't like a second opinion?! However, I find that if I'm going to help for the long term we should start in their closet.  A fresh pair of eyes helps a friend see new possibilities; new life to old pants, neglected accessories to complete a look, cardigans for that extra layer (or if you're like me, hide what needs to be hidden). These "fresh" eyes also help decide what needs to go and visualize how great the wardrobe could become. After that, it is time to create a shopping list.

I invited myself to do just that for my friend Carrie. ;) She warned me ahead of time that her closet was in sad shape. However, upon arrival, all I saw was potential. Carrie had already cleaned through her closet so there was not a lot in there, but I think it made it easier to create multiple combinations. 
With her permission, I did a quick inventory and rearranged a few items to work within the confines of the top-bottom-layer system.

We began with 4 tops, 4 cardigans, 4 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of pants. Time began to fly by! In fact, we ran out of time before we ran out of combinations!  For most, changing in and out of clothes while remaining focused on wardrobe goals, can be a CHORE. That's why it's nice to have a wardrobe director. It's one of the few times I get bossy.

"Here, try this."
"Nope. Change that out and put it with this."
"Do you have it in you for one more?"

Carrie graciously tried combinations she was skeptical about, some of which she ended up liking. We were both tired by the end of our session, but I was elated with the results. I couldn't wipe my goofy grin off my face and I clapped in childlike fashion when we discovered all the potential that was awaiting inside Carrie's closet--all without purchasing a single item!

What's the best part? Seeing your friend smile at her reflection in the mirror and appreciate her God-given beauty. Regardless of what she wears, Carrie is beautiful inside and out, and anyone who knows her would agree. Most importantly, Carrie knows she is valued beyond measure by her Creator. Helping her feel good about what she wears gives her an extra dose of confidence that adds more sparkle to her smile, more spring to her step and more enthusiasm to her handshake. ;)

In addition to the outfit combinations, we made a list of items that would help expand on what Carrie already owns: bracelets, a pair of white pants, and so on. Now when I see Carrie, I see some of the outfits we styled, but with her personal additions, making the outfits more unique. That's a win!

To those in a fashion rut, instead of wasting precious moments staring hopelessly at your closet shelves, ask a friend (fashionista or not) for help. She will see things from a new perspective, and help you combine what you have with what you like into a winning, functioning wardrobe. So do not lose heart my readers, your journey to fashion freedom is a fun, friend-filled afternoon away!

Have a fabulous day my reader friends,


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black, White & A New Statement Piece

Ok my friends.  Though my birthday has come and gone, I continue to celebrate it for as long as I can this month! So you may see a new item pop up here and there on the blog. Or you may here me mention this milestone birthday a time or two. Please bear with me as I make this transition! ;)

Today's post is real. Colorless, tired reality. We were rushing out the door to meet a couple of friends at Costco of all places. A small group picnic was coming up and we needed the easiest entree one could find...hotdogs, and a lot of them.

The day before my newly earned jewelry came in and I couldn't wait to wear it, so I reached for the easiest back drop - a solid black top. With no time to spend on outfit creativity (or make up application!!!!!), I grabbed white pants and neutral accessories. Done.

I didn't even worry about earrings, as I felt like the necklace was statement enough.

Everything else I'm wearing, I've had since the spring or last season.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Irma (LulaRoe by Shannon)/ White Denim (Entourage)/Shoes: Clothes Mentor Find/Purse: Vince Camuto (Christmas Gift)/Necklace & Bracelet (Premier Designs)

With hotdogs and condiments purchased I said goodbye to my friends (asked them if they wanted to borrow my boys for a bit - hehe) and started for my car. Before we could get to said vehicle, my sneaky friend stopped me with an early birthday present...

I loved that it was a brown paper package, tied up with string! ;)

Surprises truly are my favorite - I love it!

So do they!! ;)

And there was my first birthday card that came in the mail to help make my special day an anticipated reality. I have so very much to be thankful for and one of those things I'm thankful for, is this blogging adventure! Truly, I look forward to corresponding with you each week!

Have a fabulous week my reader friends.

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