Monday, October 9, 2017

Give Me All The Spanish Moss

 Hello! Though we moved into fall, a quick weekend getaway gave me one last taste of summer. And what better way to savor one last taste than on an island decorated with trees, graced with Spanish Moss? This gem of focal interest and tranquility is practically in our back yard.

Welcome to bits and pieces of the historic district on Jekyll Island, though I must attribute this post and the pics to my supportive and adventurous friends...

It was nearing the end of the day and we had just completed a 2 hour kayaking tour, when the history buffs decided to take a detour of you guessed it - historic Jekyll Island. While taking in the sights, one friend narrated internet findings on who purchased and sold the island throughout the years, what prominent families settled there, etc, etc.  This added charm to an already beautiful drive, making our impromptu detour well worth the extra 30 minutes. ;)

As we passed by an inn, an old chapel and even a horse and buggy, one of my adventurous friends said that we should come back and take blog pics! There was very little day time left, but I'm not one to turn down such an offer so we rushed back to the house. I quickly threw on my dress, mussed up my hair and added a few accessories. No time for a shower. We scrambled out the door hoping there would be enough daylight to grab a few shots.

I felt silly at first, and worried about taking up their time with my hobby but they insisted. We traipsed all over that area, giggling as we went. 

I wanted to get in this Cinderella style buggy, but chickened out. You see how close I ventured. I bet the driver would have let me if I'd had the nerve to ask. Wasn't it enough that I was lounging and posing for any and all to see?? There was no nerve left. ;)

Give me a rocking chair and I'm good to go!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Fringe Kimono: Similar (on sale!), Vest Option /Dress: Local Boutique: Marisa Jills/Shoes: Rack Room Shoes: Rock & Candy (Rack Room Shoes)

I close with a few selfies with my compadres, as well as a few snippets from the weekend...

Driver on the left, photographer on the right...

****Kayak Tour With Turtle Tides****
Out on the open sea - sort of ;)
Shark Tooth "Beach"

Our tour was scheduled for 4pm. The guys at Turtle Tides were professional, friendly and of course knowledgeable of the area and how to work a kayak, so beginners are welcome. They were also the only rental company we could find that would give us a discounted group rate. Though we only saw part of one manatee (some said they saw his snout), the experience was great. For me, it was enough to be out on the water, enjoying the beautiful sights.

****Driftwood Beach****

Definitely not a beach I'd want to set up camp at, but it's great for a stroll or climbing trees.

Public Beach

There was limited beach space, due to the recent hurricane but we made the best of it and camped up by the rocks.

Quick Thoughts on Group Trips...

  1. Determine ahead of time if this is going to be a trip for complete relaxation or a trip to do everything. Regardless of which you choose, be willing to go with the flow.
  2. Relax and enjoy the time. Sounds simple, but many of us don't know how to slow down.
  3. If you're at the beach, you don't have to put in a lot of effort. Let the sun's natural glow be your make up and don an easy, comfortable dress. However, don't forget the accessories.
  4. Women tend to overpack and that includes food. Let the organizers plan out a food list or your counters, cabinets and fridge will be overflowing. lol. 
  5. Get a great money sharing app like Venmo. It's secure and will make paying for gas, groceries, dinner tabs etc a breeze! Bonus: the ca-ching of the cash register when some one sends you money is so satisfying. 
  6. Don't be wishy-washy like me. If you signed up for an event ahead of time, stick with it. (I did stick with it, but I waffled a little. That's an annoying habit for the planners of the group.
  7. If it's a bigger group, bring an interactive game to get you all together. The quiet ones may only talk if they've been prompted, and they always have great things to say!
Well, my friends I do believe I've said quite enough. Have you been on any girl getaways lately? I'd love to hear about it and if you have any tips to add to the list above!



  1. Beautiful girl!!! I love these pictures and what a fun trip! It's been ages since I've been away with a group but I have such fond memories. Love to see the truly happy smiles and the pictures are so pretty. Of course, how could they not be? You are a stunner!

    1. Thank you sweet Kellyann! I have a friend that's been going on a girl's trip with the same group of ladies for over 10 years. That sounds wonderful to me. ;) One of these years we need to get a blogger trip planned!

  2. What a fun getaway! Great tips and awesome photos!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you Elise. Wouldn't it be great if we could do getaways once a month???

  3. Beautiful photos! Love your dress!

  4. Chrissy, this looks like you had a blast! And those impromptu photo sessions are always the most fun, aren't they! I am totally loving your dress and fringed kimono! Thanks for joining my link up. This post will be featured as a reader favorite on tomorrow's link up post!


    1. Shelbee, that makes my day! What a sweet, sweet surprise. Thank you. :)

  5. Loved the photos through the historic district, as well as your adventure ones! Jekyll Island is a beautiful area - I haven't been there since I was a kid. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    1. Thanks Jennie! I wouldn't even have guessed that you'd been. Come again soon! ;)


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