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Thanksgiving Get Up with The Holiday Series Collab

 Hello lovelies! Today I'm excited to take part in a collaboration with 12 fabulous ladies...some I "know" well and others I'm getting to know.  And this is how we do it! I love to share in and meet new women in the cyber world and one of my favorites is when we come together for a similar purpose. Have you guessed today's theme? Thanksgiving outfits! ;) What are you wearing for Thanksgiving Day?

For years my family and I have traveled to Illinois to celebrate with my hubby's side of the family. It's a tradition we all love, but we live 8 hours further south now, so we're changing things up by traveling back home to Georgia.  Though we will miss Grandma R's delicious spread and I in particular, will miss our girl's shopping day, we are excited to see friends and family in the Peach state.

That being said, I styled an outfit with warmer temps in mind, starting with the "thankful" graphic tee by Seriously Happy Tees, which I picked up last year for this holiday.  I was only too excited to pull it out again for another go - Hey, until it starts pilling or looking like the moths had their Thanksgiving meal with it, I'm styling this cutie every year!

The entire outfit is right out of my closet, with the newest piece being my $7 Costco denim find.  They have the perfect amount of stretch making them the right choice for a day where we gather with loved ones and EAT.

This will be me post meal...
 And because I live in Florida, this is how I'm wearing this outfit currently.

If it weren't for my favorite graphic tee, I'd be tempted to wear this outfit again because of all the fall colors!

Alright sweet friends, check out these cuties for more Thanksgiving Day inspiration. I hope you enjoy next week and have time to rest and reflect on what you are thankful for!

CHERYL Cheryl Shops: "Happy Thanksgiving, Ada! I am happy to share that after YEARS of looking for the perfect black jumpsuit, I finally found it. It's the ideal thing to wear for Thanksgiving because it's comfy but looks really polished too. The waist on this one is actually on the loose side, but there's a front tie to add a little definition (and to cover up my food baby). I added a denim jacket, because it's still on the warm side here in California, and a cheetah clutch and metallic red boots for a little pop of festive fun."
DEBBIE Fashion Fairy Dust "I'm all about comfort every day, but it's even more important on Thanksgiving when eating is the main event! A loose flowy midi or maxi dress like this one is perfect for the occasion. Not only will you look pretty and put-together, but you'll also have room for that extra slice of pie..."
ADA Elegance and Mommyhood "Happy Thanksgiving Ladies! Thanksgiving isn't very huge in my family since my parents work that day =( but I still like to look nice and comfortable since we will be having dinner together. I chose this festive+warm wool sweater with stone embellishments, my most comfortable pair of jeans (they are the Absolution by Nordstrom), a pair of heeled suede booties and this fun corduroy leopard newsboy cap I recently thrifted!"
LINDA A Labour of Life "Thanksgiving and Turkey they just seem to go together. Wearing a fun sweater I found at H+M a few years ago that screams the holidays. I love to get dressed up but comfort as well, so I paired the sweater with a fun flannel from old navy and my mustard pixie pants. A little dressy but a whole lot of comfort."
MICHELLE Michelle's Pa(i)ge "I got this dress in my latest Stitch Fix and wasn't so sure about it however when I tried it on, it was so much cuter than I had expected! It's been the perfect dress for all of my fall parties and I plan to wear it to a Thanksgiving gathering too!"
AMBER Avec Amber "My ideal Thanksgiving is all about comfort: both comfort food and comfy clothes! I always celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, and this casual outfit is perfect for hanging out, playing games, and eating way too much food!"

SHELBEE Shelbee on the Edge "I chose a pair of stretchy skinny jeans and an oversized poncho for Thanksgiving day.  It is easy, comfortable, cozy, and looks put together while hiding the food baby!  I added these fun floral booties as a little extra.  I have to work at the mall Thanksgiving night, so this outfit would transition perfectly for work, but I will probably change the boots to some cute sneakers since it will be a long late night shift on my feet!  May you all enjoy your Thanksgiving whether it be at home or at work!"
ROXANNE Glass of Glam "I have a tradition of watching the Macy's parade with my family on Thanksgiving morning. A cozy, festive sweater and jeans is my favorite outfit for a day of chilling out with my loved ones."
CHRISSY Granola and Grace "From “thankful” tees to all the colors of fall, my fashion tastes change over the years. However there’s always one common theme to all my Thanksgiving outfits: comfort. I want to be comfortable! Even when I take small portions of each food choice, it adds up to a lot so an an expandable waistline is a must. 😉
LAURA I Do deClaire "This year we are actually hosting Thanksgiving in our new home! In the past while our meal is a bit more formal with china and tablecloths and such, we dress pretty casually. So I paired my favorite jeans with a lightweight poncho I recently received. It's comfortable for running around and getting things ready beforehand and hiding turkey belly, but I still feel put together, too!"
MONICA Jersey Girl, Texan Heart "Hey y'all!  First of all thank you to Ada for letting me be part of this Thanksgiving collab.  I like to be comfy on Thanksgiving because I like to eat, and when I have a food baby, I want it to be hidden haha!"
JENNIE A Pocketful of Polka Dots "When it comes to Thanksgiving I enjoy wearing comfortable layers that are still classic and put together. Leopard and chambray are a favorite combination of mine and paired with cognac riding boots I am sure to get through the day with stylish ease."
CHRISTINE Bon and Chic Style "For Thanksgiving, I’ll be wearing this khaki metallic pleated skirt and Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt, paired with my new suede hiking boots and grey coat. I’m loving this casual boho chic combination lately.  It’s super comfortable and so effortless chic.”


  1. You cute thing! I think this is the perfect outfit...and yea for going to Georgia soon!!

  2. Like Shelly said, you are such a cute thing! I love this tee shirt. I have been wanting one that says “thankful” or “grateful” for some time but I can’t seem to find one that I like or is in my size! I guess I need to start shopping around again!


  3. Great outfit my friend and I am so glad you all are headed to GA for a visit. I know it will do your heart good to go back. This year is all about new traditions!

  4. Yay! I can finally comment now! I'm not sure what the heck is actually going on, but I'm here, Girlfriend! I am so thankful for our friendship (I already told you that on your IG post, but I think it's worth mentioning again!) and I am loving this outfit you put together for Turkey Day! I agree that it's perfect for your trip back to Georgia and I hope you have an awesome day getting to meet up with your friends again. I know you miss them so much! xoxo

  5. I'm always jealous of people doing Thanksgiving in shorts or short sleeve shirts! While we freeze & shiver. haha

  6. That's such a great tee for the holiday!!

  7. That tee is amazing and perfection for this particular holiday. I need one like it! I remember it from our Thanksgiving Holiday post last year. Love that you styled it the way we did. From the waist down, we are identical with our low-heel neutral tan suede booties and black skinny jeans. Love the sparkle glam those fun gold-tone earrings added too. I am also happy that you get to go back to GA. I am sure it will be a ton of fun for you all!

    Thanks for joining the series again this year my dearest dearest friend and big supportive sister. Thank you for all that you do (for me... always) and for all the inspiration, too! You can read my post below, too! Hope you like it. =)


    P.S. I smiled and laughed at your first sentence, Chrissy. Well, you know me very well by now! LOL

  8. I just love down to earth and comfy Thanksgiving outfits! I have a similar tee (same color and gold print, but different phrase) and I've worn it so much this Fall!


  9. How lovely to see all of you wonderful ladies!

  10. I have a thankful tee I might end up wearing the day before or day of Thanksgiving too. It's nice to wear it year round because I think it reminds us that we should be thankful every day of the year! You look so cute in your outfit and I love that top knot!

  11. Your thankful tee is absolutely perfect to wear on Thanksgiving! You are so lucky to live where you can wear short sleeves on this holiday!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



    1. Your pictures are so fun, surrounded by a Winter Wonderland! I'll longing for that come Christmas time when it's high 70s and 80s in Florida. Thanks for visiting Amber! :)

  12. What a cute outfit! Love the color combo!

  13. I hope you have the best Thanksgiving visiting friends in GA! I love your tee. I saw one that said "Feast Mode" and I kinda felt like I needed it! LOL!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    1. Thank you Brooke! I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving as well! :)

  14. I like the boties, dear!
    Mónica Sors

    1. Thank you! And it's so nice to have "met" you. :)

  15. Love the simplicity of this look. That tee says it all. Just bought an olive long sleeved shirt that would work well in place of the jacket. Heading out to find a similar tee. Giggled that you will wear this one til it pills! I wear things pilled and beyond. Safe travels over the holidays.

    1. Yes to pilled and beyond...I may have a shirt or two that has a hole that needs mending! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Such a pleasure. :)

  16. The jeans look great! Have a great thanksgiving xx

  17. So cute! I always prefer to be comfortable, especially when I plan to EAT all.the.things. HA! Great outfit and I could kiss the person who invented stretchy pants. LOL!!!!!!

  18. That tee is so cute on you. I love the font and the color looks great on you. You have to be comfy at Thanksgiving, and I love your hair up!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

  19. I was of the same mindset when I put my Thanksgiving outfit together recently--a t-shirt, for sure here in sunny FL.

  20. Cute and practical look dear. And I absolutely love the earrings!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  21. Wow! I am surely going to follow this blog religiously from now on. My birthday and my friend’s bridal shower is around the corner and I know that I need a stylist. I am very confused as to what to wear on my birthday this time. Last year it was a water venue NYC and therefore, didn’t think about the dress that much.

    1. Aww, thank you! Hope you can find inspiration here and with all these fabulous bloggers! So glad you stopped by. :)


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