Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favorites: Good Vibes & Gift Cards

Hey, hey! It's another Friday Favorites coming at ya! As I type, I'm spurred on by all the hopeful contestants on America's Got Talent. I go on these talent show kicks...The Voice, World of Dance, and now AGT. I cry along with the acts that receive affirmation of their talents and hard work. I cringe at the dangerous, death defying acts, giggle at the outlandish, oddities (hey, everyone is equally valuable but some are more comical than others) and I get all out inspired. I can write the best Friday Favorite in the WORLD! Ok, not quite but I love watching or reading things that give me all the "I can do it" fuzzies. So today I'm totally choosing AGT as my first Friday Favorite. Thank you for joining me!  (*This post may contain some affiliate links, which sends a bit of change my way but does not affect your price. Thank you so much for your support!)
*Favorite Local Experiences: Ginormous Pots of Paella, Dogs and Visits With Friends*

Let's start with a little catching up from a recent visit with friends. I love bringing out of town guests to the Saturday morning Downtown Market to take in the sights, smells and sounds of local talent coming to life. I haven't tried the Paella yet, but every visit I'm tempted. Next time for sure.

 The biggest dog ever - do you know what breed he is?

Our Favorite Beach Spot

Glen likes to fish and the kids like to play, making Lido Beach South the perfect spot. So guests can be sure that this stop is on the'll see more pics from here in posts to come!

Stopping to Smell the Roses at John Ringling's Museum

One of our guests loves history and so we had to include the Circus Museum. After touring the mansion and the museum, we took some time to smell the roses. There are so many varieties and the fragrance of many roses was completely breath taking. Now I can see where that saying came from!

***Favorite Blog Blessing*** 

After the Sip and Mingle Conference, Kim from Fierce Fashion and I made plans for a shopping day together. Since the day we set fell on the same day I need to run up to LOFT for a Try ON session for the Sunday Showcase, Kim sweetly played along.  Of course we grabbed some Kahwa Coffee first in the UTC mall, followed by a couple more stores and Sweet Tomatoes for lunch as our final stop. We thought it appropriate to eat there considering we received vouchers for a free meal at the conference. Bonus: it was right across the road from the mall! This was a blogger blessing indeed - Kim you are just the sweetest!
Checking Out the Clearance at LUCKY Brand

***Favorite Fashion Piece***

I sent my sister out in Alaska a long sleeved "Good Vibes" tee off of Amazon. You've probably seen these tees all over the place, but I'm sure it wasn't as cute as this adorable gal! Seriously, isn't my sister the cutest. I miss her mucho! ;) P.S. She says it's comfy and loves the pockets. Now I want to get the sleeveless tee!

Long Sleeve TEE (Lauren is wearing a medium)

***Favorite "For the Home"***

Hands Down I've loved this DIY detergent recipe I received from Simply Earth in the March Recipe Box.  It smells wonderful and it's brightening my whites, something I've always struggled with. I'll be making this again, as well as for a certain tutor who I know loves using EOs

1 Bar of Grated Fels-Naptha Soap (Lowes)
1 Cup of Washing Soda (Lowes)
1 Cup of Borax (Lowes, Target, Ace Hardware...)
10 Drops of their B.O. Be Gone Blend (Purify or Purification with other well known companies)
10 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil (I put in a few more!)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container! Use 1/4 of cup per load of laundry. Optional: Add 1/2 c of vinegar to rinse compartment for a natural fabric softener.

***Favorite From Insta - My First Big IG Gift Card Giveaway***

Who couldn't use an extra $300 to Target and $100 to Starbucks?? If you're on Instagram, come on over, as today is the last day to enter! I'll be waiting for ya! ;)

If you made it this far, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you take time to savor moments, while stopping to smell the roses!



  1. I feel like you are living such a colorful life and I love it! You give off all the good vibes, I love your encouragement and I love your support of and get together times with others!

    1. Thank you Andrea. I so appreciate you as a friend, in and out of this blog world. You are some of that color for sure!!

  2. Your sister is so cute! I just ordered that good vibes tee! That paella looks so good and Lido beach looks like a great destination to take your out of town guests! I need to head over to Insta to enter your giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you Jill. I think she is too! ;) I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Aww, thanks! Your sister--there's another one of you? Ha, kidding! I'm so envious of your proximity to Lido beach, it's one of the nicest in the country. *I entered the giveaway.* Have a great weekend my Good Vibin' friend!

  4. Your week was full of great things, Chrissy!! I just love that you went shopping with Kim. I want to come out and do that!!!

  5. Look at you two twinning it up trying on clothes. I loved watching your IG :)
    Love you get to explore such beautiful places with your kiddos!!!

  6. Great post Chrissy! I loved seeing your beautiful sister - she looks fabulous and I love the tee!

  7. So much fabulous fun in Sarasota, Sister! Your sister is just as beautiful as you are! I hope you get to visit her soon!

  8. Where to begin? I've never had Paella. Is that your sister that just had the baby???? She looks AWESOME! I loved seeing you and Kim together and I can't wait to hear how the giveaway goes for you. Looks like you're an excellent hostess, not that I had any doubts. XOXO

  9. you and your sis are so pretty. This paella looks divine.


  10. You and Kim take such cute photos together! I love your outfits too! The rose at the museum are stunning! I have never had luck with any kind of roses so I always admire them when I see them in other people's gardens!


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