Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe For Kids

Special Post! My ever-willing photographers and sidekicks in many blog adventures were sent their first item to review!  When Shifu contacted me about their interactive, augmented 4D and educational globe my only concern was the age of my boys. Is the globe more geared for younger children? The recommended ages are 4-10 and my boys are right at the top! So before we agreed, I had them watch the Amazon video, look at the pictures and read reviews (mostly me on those reviews). They were intrigued, so we accepted!

Seeing their enjoyment of the process made my heart full, so it brings me great pleasure to share the Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe!
What Is It?

As I mentioned earlier, the Shifu Orboot is a STEM toy for boys and girls that takes them on an augmented journey around the globe. It's a fun interactive way to spark their imagination and peak curiosity about what's beyond their four walls. Read on to see more!

What's in the box?

One Smart Globe
A Passport
Sticker Book
A Stamp for the passport
Instruction Manual
With the Orboot Smart Globe, you'll need a compatible iphone,  ipad or android device. We have an ipad 2, so it doesn't have to be fancy!

Uploading and registering the app took less than 10 minutes. You attach the globe to the base, download their app on your device and create a log in. That's it! Each child gets a separate log in which I like because they can keep track of their own findings. And once the app and features are downloaded they don't need wifi to use it!
The Fun

Once logged in, they were able to "travel the globe"! A character of sorts (depends on where you go) talks to you about different animals, maps, monuments, inventions (they told me when the first hot air balloon was invented), cultures and even cuisines. As a homeschool mom I'm grateful for any extra help to make learning fun!  It was so nice to see them engage with a learning tool they actually enjoyed. In fact, we visited a Florida museum of history and science and they were spouting off facts that they learned from their 4D travels!

"The helicopter was first invented in..."
"The puma is at the top of the food chain!"

There's also quizzes and games to keep their interest in exploring!

 I laughed and lost count of how many times I heard, "mommy did you know...?"

Here's the travel kit with a passport, stamp and stickers I mentioned earlier. They can keep track of their favorite places around the globe. Why didn't I have something like this when I was a child?? In addition to familiarizing them with geography, I'm hoping they will inherit some of my love for the adventures found in travel!

I think the Shifu Orboot is a unique, as well as valuable learning tool, for a wide range of ages to enjoy. This will be great for our summer and we will continue to use it during the school year!

You can find it on Amazon for $45.99!


  1. This sounds like an awesome educational toy! I love how interactive it is! I wish this was on the market when my daughter was younger, she would have had so much fun with it!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. And me for the big boys! They would have enjoyed this too. Thank you for stopping by Jill!

  2. If your boys hadn't before, I'll bet they're enjoying the perks of blogging now! Haha! This looks like a lot of fun. It's smart to combine learning with technology as that's what kids are growing up with these days. I'll keep the globe in mind when it's gift time for the grands! Hugs!

  3. OK - this is GENIUS> I love when they take things & make it fun to learn.
    I may need to PIN this so I can remember it for a gift for my grandsons come Christmas time!

  4. Oh what a fun toy to help them learn a little more about the world! This would be a nice gift idea :)

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a great weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  5. fun is that!! I bet you learned so much, and what a fun interactive way to learn it!!

  6. Totally cool...and I hope I get to meet those two cuties some day. They ooze personality!!! XO

  7. My daughter got this globe for Christmas, but we haven't set it up yet (we hold off on some of her gifts until summer). It sounds like she is going to have so much fun with this! Thanks for sharing your boys' reactions and fun with it!

    1. Oh! I'm excited to hear about how your daughter enjoys the globe! And thank you Laura, it was so sweet to see them enjoy this.


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