Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Favorites: Fashion, Summer CauseBox, Influencer Events & More

Another Friday is upon us! I'm currently seated in a friend's home in Georgia, furiously typing my favorite blog post feature of the week - Friday Favorites!! The hodge-podge of life-currently, beauty products, fashion finds, adventures, tips and ideas, etc has me all giddy to share mine and read yours! And this week is no different! Next week, I'll share snippets from this Georgia trip, but for now let's dive in to the summer fun around Sarasota!

Fashion Favorite - The Cami Dress With The Straw Tote

Remember that dress that I purchased from the GAP a month or so ago? Well, I wouldn't remember it either. So here's a pic to jog our memory!

Ok, now that we remember the dress we can get back to today's outfit. With an upcoming Instagram collaboration on straw bags and a color scheme to follow for our Sunday morning praise team, this outfit was born. It began with the dress, followed by my latest black tee, tied in a knot, and was completed with black sandals, my trusty fedora and a few jewelry pieces! Is it a coincidence that my straw bag from the summer Causebox arrived just in time? I think not! ;)

And notice that wrist candy I'm sporting?? It's a JORD wood watch, which I'll be featuring on the blog soon, along with a giveaway!

Summer Causebox

My fashion favorite brings me to my subscription box favorite - Causebox!  This isn't my first season with Causebox. I signed up to receive their quarterly shipments of ethically sourced-cleaner-cruetly-free-environmentally-friendly-goodies with a cause last year and fell in love!

Here's a quick peek at the summer box, which included the fabulous straw bag...

I love being introduced to new companies, especially "cleaner" choices. See the "All Good" sunscreen in the pictures above? It is a zinc based mineral sunscreen that's safer for you and the coral reefs out in our oceans. It's non-greasy and rubs in fabulously, so imagine my happy feels when I went to Costco not two days after receiving this box and saw this brand for only $15.99! I can't wait to try the spray!

Kayak Outing

We finally did it!! During our research of the Sarasota area, we stumbled upon many posts and videos about kayaking around the bay and more specifically through the mangrove tunnels! This was an adventure that I put at the top of the list, but became too busy getting settled, etc to get around to it. Well, fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when someone gave us a neglected, older kayak! That brings us to two, with Glen already a proud fishing kayak owner.

He cleaned that baby up and we gave her a test run in our pool - ha! It was so ridiculous but, better than sinking in the bay!

She floated and maneuvered perfectly so we set out the next Saturday morning to enjoy those mangrove tunnels! The tunnels made me feel as if I were on my own Indiana Jones adventure through the Amazon. It was a sight to behold and I can't wait to return!

LUSH Influencer Meet Up

Speaking of sustainability, ethical companies and clean products, the Salt.Link Influencer group hosted another meet up at the LUSH handmade cosmetics store in the UTC mall. The LUSH girls shared the heart and passion behind the company, explained their products, gave us a bath bomb demo and allowed us to form our own bath bomb to take home with us! It was a tremendously fun evening with learning and girl time. I even purchased my first shampoo bar to try out. Stay tuned on that one! For a closer look to the night's event, hop on over to my Instagram and check out those highlights!

First Blog Giveaway!
I've hosted a few giveaways on Instagram was thrilled to have the opportunity to host a giveaway on the blog. Have you entered my first blog giveaway from Smile Brilliant for their CariPro electronic toothbrush OR an at home teeth whitening system featured on the blog this week?? Well, if you haven't there's still time! I'd love it if you would join in the fun. Here's the link:

Ok my friends! That was a lot for today, wasn't it? Well, I will see you back here on Monday for a special Red, White, Blue & You link up with 5 other bloggers! I hope you link up with us!!



  1. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful meandering on the beach! Great dress! I adored seeing you in the kayak in the pool. I hope you are livin it up girlfriend! HUGS!!

  2. I love how you styled your sundress! That straw bag is perfect and you look so cute! Your kayaking excursion looks really cool! Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Chrissy, the Florida sun has been good to you, Sista! You are definitely sporting a summer tan and this fair-haired girl is so jealous!

  4. Kayaking sounds like so much fun! We have been using our rafts down the river but right now my job is to keep the 20 month old in the boat and not row!

  5. Okay, too funny! I wish I'd have been there for the kayak in the pool try out! That trip look so ah-mazing! Facepalm on why I haven't thought to put a top over my dress (similar in cut to yours) that I got for Key West, I'll be messing with that this weekend! Hugs, girl!

  6. Now that was brilliant to add the shirt over your dress Chrissy!! I've done that before but forget about it all the time!!
    Your kayaking skills are SO impressive,

  7. I keep meaning to transform a dress with layers. Yours is darling...just like you. Kayaking in the pool is genius😉. Seriously, I know y'all had fun out on the water. Happy Friday!! XO

  8. You really have settled there don't you? What a amazing kano trip! And what a good way to style that dress. You even have the same necklace! Fantastic!

  9. What an amazing kayaking trip! So cool!

  10. Love the red maxi dress with the tee over the top! :) I've been wearing my maxi dresses as skirts like this to be a little warmer over winter :)

    Looks like a fun canoe trip too!

    Hope that you have a great weekend! :)

    Away From Blue

  11. Clicking over right now to check out that Sway necklace!!! GORGEOUS!

  12. What a great round up! Lush sounds like so much fun - I have only purchased products there for my niece - never bought anything for myself. That place smells amazing!!!

  13. Oh, my gosh, it doesn't get much cuter than you in the kayak in the pool. And that kayak looks pretty good, too!! I know you had the best time exploring the mangrove tunnels. Love that photo with the sunlight streaming in. Beautiful.


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