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Friday Favorites: Favorite Spots To Find Activewear for the Whole Family

Active Wear, Active Wear! Did you see that YouTUBE video that came out 3 years ago poking fun at the rise in, well, active wear? In case you haven't, I've linked the video at the end of this post. You'll also find references throughout - I can't help myself!  Anyway, with a house full of boys who love active wear, I've found my favorites stores over the years to help the budget.  
It doesn't take long to go through the active wear section at GoodWill. Some stores have "boutique" sections, where the pricey, named brand sport's wear is organized. I found my 15 year old a pair of Nike shorts and paid less than $10 for them. The younger boy options are always in the kid section and their tops were $2.

Sometimes I find something for me as well! 

"Active Wear, Wear. Shopping for my active wear in my active wear."

I'll skim GoodWill for a hardly (or never) worn shoe, but I there's no expectation for athletic wear shoes!  For that matter, there's no getting around the fact that my teens have their favorites and favorites aren't cheap.   For those two, I signed up for Footlocker Rewards as well as Finish Line. It helps, but I consider how often shoes are purchased for each boy and set a budget accordingly. For example, one teen only asks for sneaks once or twice a year. Truly. He gets more money per pair, but if he wants to go over the allotted amount, that's his responsibility.

Now when it comes to the younger two, we get a lot more bang for our buck. For one, shoes are cheaper in the youth sizes. For another, there're not as choosey. For these guys, we can shop DSW, Famous Footwear, Etc and take advantage of their reward programs as well.

 Evan and Caden's Favorites:

My Favorites
For kicks (ha, pun totally intended!), I'm linking my current pair of Adidas as well as pink ones I'm deliberating over.

Whenever the boys are with me at Costco they ask to look through the clothes. They're on the hunt for one thing: more active they can dress the dog maybe? Ha! They love looking for their favorite sport's brands and I love the prices. I can find shirts for around $10 to $15 and pants for around the same. Guess which brand they predominantly carry?

I can't resist adding another photo...

I buy all of the family's socks at Costco (or Sams). Three of my 5 guys wear the same size and my hubby prefers for his not to get mixed in with the teens. We can fix that! I purchased white Adidas for him and black Puma socks for the rest of them.

Last visit I found this pack of women's socks for only $3.00!
"Activewear, Activewear." Doing literally nothing in my activewear."

Tj Maxx
Like GoodWill, Tj Maxx is hit or miss with activewear finds, but I've found lots of goodies there over the years! Oh and now, as my blogger friend, Lisa at Coast to Coast 2, shared, TjMaxx is online! Perhaps there will be a lot more hits than misses now??

What's your favorite places to find active wear or sport apparel?



  1. Those boys!!! Great tips and thanks for the shout out!!

  2. I love those pink Adidas!!!
    Love a good Goodwill find!!! Heck, I send my running shoes I dont care for there all the time - & they're barely used. Someone is getting a good deal from my shoes.

  3. Those handsome boys of yours make great models! Great finds Chrissy!

  4. Aw, cute post, Chrissy! My boys live in active wear as well. I usually end buying most of their things from Old Navy. My TJ Maxx has a terrible selection of boys' and men's clothing so I don’t even bother going there. We are the hunt for new sneakers for both boys and they do seem to get more expensive the bigger their feet get! Wish me luck!


  5. That video is hilarious! These are great tips for finding deals! Costco always has some great clothing finds! Your boys are so cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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