Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Favorites: Gadgets & Home

Hello and welcome to another Friday Favorite! Today I bounce around from home items to gadgets for your phone. Those phone accessories would conveniently fit in a special someone's Christmas stocking, or in a lovely gift bag. Even better, you may need to up your phone game as well! Now before I delve into the world of electronics let's start with the home!

For the Love of Home
I purchased this macrame lamp on Amazon to add light and warmth to a corner in my bedroom. This was only after I realized that you can buy lamp cord cables and add whatever shade you like to them! Duh, Chrissy! Maybe I'll get this corner completed soon so I can share the whole look with you.

I wanted to share how fresh flowers pushed me to finish my fall decor a couple of weeks ago! I know many of you are already onto Christmas, but these flowers are still available at the Saturday market and I can't help myself!

My Favorite Phone Accessories!
From daily life in the car to blogging or social media, these items helped simply phone life. It's fun to see what others use and I hope you enjoy seeing my goodies! The best thing about these items? They will make fabulous stocking stuffers!
The Car Mount
A friend surprised me with this car mount because her view of me during Marco Polos was the side of my face. Oftentimes, the phone held precariously in a vent mount would fall mid-sentence. Her husband watched one of the videos and blurted, "we have to get her an Ottie!". Well, I'm so glad he felt compelled. I love this thing!
The Game Changing Travel Bag
I didn't take full advantage of my phone accessories until I purchased this organizer. Originally intended for travel, I kept this puppy stored away with the rest of my travel gear. What a waste! One day while organizing I decided to use this case to clean up my accessories in my bedside drawer. Then I began taking the bag with me on outings.  Game changer. Now I actually us these items and I always have the chargers with me as well!  I took this bag along with me to Texas and pestered the girls with my microphone for stories. (I love peoples faces when I say, "I have an idea! Let's do IG interviews or and IG live!" They usually don't share my enthusiasm. lol!)

Ok! Here's a quick breakdown of the items in my organizer bag!

Selfie Light
Don't mind my pumpkin mask. I'm multitasking my dears. This is to show you the difference a selfie light can make!
Amir Phone Camera Lens
This set comes with 3 lenses that attach to your iphone.  The fish eye lens is merely for amusement in my opinion or I haven't mastered it yet. However, the wide lens and macro lens come in handy. Although, I'm told the latest iPhone has a wide lens? Any of you lucky, proud owners of one want to weigh in for me?

Lapel Mic
I've used this mic for improved sound quality with IG stories, videos etc. I can actually record outside, making this the $23! I keep the adapter that came with my iPhone 8+ attached to it and I'm ready to record!

Sudio Ear Buds
These babies are music to my ears - ha! I'm sorry. I had to! Anyway, these gorgeous bluetooth listening devices that were gifted to me are being used constantly. I'm even sharing them with my teens. ;)

Ok my friends! I think this will suffice for this Friday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Great gadgets my friend! I need a pair of wireless ear buds - they may be on my Christmas list!

    1. Yes, those are good ones. And it doesn't hurt that they look stylish as well, right? ;)

  2. There's nothing better than fresh sunflowers! So pretty! Your fall decor is so cute! I need to get that cord organizer and selfee light!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. That cord organizer is my favorite because I actually use my accessories now!

  3. Can I just take that whole coffee bar & have it put into my home please? :)

  4. Always fun to see what others use. Sunflowers are my favorite. Our local Kroger sells them so I sometimes indulge. Love your coffee corner. Been wanting to get a tiered tray for a while.

    1. I sure do miss Kroger! And thank you Mireille. The coffee corner is my favorite spot in the house! Can't wait to see if you get a tray because I know you'll have lots of fun with it!

  5. Love the sunflowers, so pretty! i really like that little organiser too, such a good piece for travelling! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  6. What a cute coffee place you have there! And with the sunflowers it looks like it is in France! Very cute!

  7. I was just saying I need some kind of organizer for my cords. I may have to look into this!!

  8. I need a little carrying case for all my crap for sure....maybe then I'd remember it!! And how bad is it that the first thing I thought seeing myself from behind is I look just like my mother lol.

  9. Thank you Julie. :) I couldn't stop staring these ones. I'd say they are enchanting!

  10. Great stuff here, Chrissy! I love that macrame lamp shade. So cute! I did have to chuckle though at your “Duh, Chrissy” moment, only because I have like 10 “Duh, Shelbee” moments every day! Thanks for sharing all these things and linking up with me!


  11. Great gadgets. Interested in the lapel mic. I talk to my mom a lot in the car and wind up holding the bluetooth microphone I am now using with one hand and the steering wheel with the other. No bueno. Saw a fish eye phone lens last year on Carrie's blog and ordered it but keep forgetting to use it. Going to get it now and put it in my purse.


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