Sunday, May 5, 2013

Disney Commercial Audition & the Zoo

"Casting: Disney Water Parks Commercial" was posted onto my Facebook page by a friend a couple of weeks ago. We sort of fit the criteria so I thought, "why not?"

While lunching at Easter we had attempted a nice family picture but none of the boys were in the mood to cooperate. This left us with several blurry pictures, pictures with photo bombs of other family members and of course pictures where no one was looking at the camera.  Below is the best one I had out of the mix...

I submitted our photo to the casting agency with absolutely no expectations, so you can imagine my surprise when I received an email the next day stating that they would like to have our family come in for an audition.  As it turned out the available days were during our planned camping trip, so we signed up for a morning slot. If we were making a trip out to Atlanta we might as well go to the zoo. It was settled unanimously.

Breaking away from our first camping trip, we leave bright and early knowing the kind of traffic that would be awaiting us on the highway.  Almost two hours and a couple of wrong turns later we arrive at the casting agency.  Once inside I'm directed to check us in individually on their computer. I didn't realize I was nervous until I began clumsily pecking out our information, which led to shaky hands that clicked the wrong buttons. This in turn caused me to draw embarrassing attention to myself as I flagged one of the employees because I pulled up some kid named Timothy and did not know how to navigate back to the main screen.  After checking the 6 of us in, we sit down and wait, giving us a moment to see the other families. Cute couples. Cute children.

"Next Family", announced the casting director. Ugh! My stomach did two somersaults but I resolved myself to enjoy this experience and have fun.

"Please have only your bathing suits on and step in front of the camera for a picture, one at a time." That always feels nice.  A picture in your bathing suit.

Now it was time for the video segment of the audition.

"When I say go, I want you to step foward and pretend that you are looking at all the different water rides at the Disney Water Park", said the friendly casting director.


Everything happened so fast! I heard one of the little guys say, "I wanna go swimming!".
Glen was blurting out a ride he was excited about. I could hear Ethan and Collin.

Oh dear, what was the name of the ride I was supposed to have remembered??? Cross Over Creek? No! Lazy River? No! Cross Country Creek! Cross Country Creek! Hopefully, the blank slide that passed through my brain did not show up on my face.

Then we were told to act like we were waving to Mickey and finally, pretend we were watching the fireworks together.  I was slightly amused at the expression on little man's face as he wondered about the pretend fireworks the casting director was setting off with his hands.

We gave it our all and had a blast doing so.

In less than ten minutes the actual audition was over, but the adventure had not ended for us. We all chatted excitedly as we went over each detail over and over again. The younger boys stated their desire to pretend to go to Disney again.

Outside Stilwell Casting

Buoyed by adrenaline and shared experiences we moved on to our next destination - the Zoo! This is a place our whole family enjoys. Of course we took many photos, but if I may, I'd like to share a few snippets with you.

Surprisingly one of the boys' favorite exhibits...Parakeets

Wearing his "boo-boos" proud
Stealing a shot in the reptile exhibit
Perfect end to a perfect day that will not be forgotten. And as for Disney and that audition? Well, it's a "don't call us, we'll call you" type of business and we didn't expect to hear from them again. However a week later I received a message asking for us to come in for a callback with the casting director and the directors from Disney.  Seriously?? It would be on a Saturday so we said yes.  More to come...

Have you visited your local zoo lately? 

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