Saturday, September 14, 2013

Old With A Smattering of New

Picture with me if you will...I've cleaned up this morning (yes, somedays that is quite the accomplishment). My hair and makeup has been applied. I've settled on an outfit, including all accessories, also quite the accomplishment somedays.  Now, all is in order and I head out the door, purse in hand.  Smoothly, I slip on my shades to protect my eyes from the sun's glare and minimize squint lines.  I glance around my surroundings and take a very brief moment to smell the roses as I  continue down the path. All the while I am tuning out the chatter that follows behind me.  Then I approach my vehicle, and reaching for the door handle my daze is rudely interrupted by the re-occuring realization that I just walked up to a minivan. How did this happen??? How do you wear anything "cool" and step into this??

What style fits the minivan I ask you. Now I know they are wonderful. They drive like a car, are lighter on gas mileage than a truck or SUV and they fit your kids and sometimes more. We even have the stow away feature, which has allowed me to cart home some furniture from yard sale hunting adventures, but that hasn't helped.  I see no point in investing in cool shades. I just can't envision it. Sitting there stopped at a red light, music playing and turning to the driver to your left with a nod and smile. "Hey! Look at my shades not my vehicle, man!"Ok, I am exaggerating a little and by no means am I making fun of my fellow minivan drivers. Just having a little fun here.

About to get into my cool ride! Is this outfit minivan style? If there is such a thing...oh and does a camper in the drive add to the cool factor??

Here's a good pic for you.  "Yes. I drive a mini-van." 

Outfit breakdown:

Adding a couple of new accessories to clothing you've had around for awhile is a great, inexpensive way to feel updated. And if you can practice trading and borrowing every once in awhile, even better. The necklace and bracelet are one of the jewelry trends for this year - chain link.

Top - Consignment Store
Skirt - GAP - upteen years ago
Purse - Goodwill last week ($5)
Belt - LOFT
Necklace & Bracelet - Premiere Jewelry (borrowed)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

***Disclosure: I fully embrace our mid to large family size and am proud to cart those precious gifts around in a minivan - I'd be proud to cart them in a clown car. Well, it kind of feels that way anyway.***


  1. haha I drove my parent's minivan around in high school... I just embraced it. I could fit a lot of friends in there!

    Cute outfit and great tip on borrowing or trading accessories!

    1. Thank you Ashley...I need to embrace it more. :) I'm certainly having fun making jokes about it!


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