Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Black and White Trend & Little Detours

Oh happy day! I dropped off my two little ones at a friends' home and headed out to run errands.  Music was playing in the afore mentioned mini-van and fingers were tapping on the steering wheel. My head might have been bobbing to the ryhthm and I might have been singing too. Can't say for sure.  Then I see it..."Boulder Creek Coffee". I heard rumors that their pour over coffee was delicious and would have me forever spoiled.  Already a coffee snob of sorts, I decided to take a detour from my list of errands..

C'mon minivan. You can do it.  This is fun already!

On the way into the shop, I see a friend I haven't chatted with in awhile.  What a pleasant surprise, making my detour feel like a mini-adventure. Ouuuu. I love those.  We chat for a bit and promise to call so we can catch up.  Time to order coffee. "Um, Yes, can I have some of that pour over stuff? " By now, I'm impressing everyone in there. The barista makes a suggestion. I go with it.

Now to find a comfortable spot.  I sublty glance around the seating area. Now wait a minute. There is the camera man I worked with on that extra job. This adventure is getting better. We exhange a few greetings and he tells me the project is almost finish...out the door he goes.

My coffee comes, I take out my book. Then I snap a picture for Instagram - don't judge! It's fun. Anyhoo, then I bring 12 0z cup to mouth and taste. Mind you, there is no cream and there is no sugar. Now lets sip. Delicious. There is nothing bitter about it. And was that a hint of peach I tasted? I really must investigate and experience this once again. Next time I'm bringing Mr. Rowden.

Let the relaxing begin. Soon I am lost in the pages of my book and where I am matters not.  I chuckle to myself out loud at a clever twist of words in my reading. No worries. The woman accross the way is actually having a conversation with herself.  I finish my coffee and walk outside.  What a pretty seating area.  No one was out there. My camera and tripod were the van...could I muster up the nerve to seize an opportunity to grab some pics?

One of My Takes On the Black and White Trend

Wristlet for running around the mall 

Big bag holds it all from coupons to snack...$5 from Goodwill!

Outfit Breakdown:

Faux Leather Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Tank: White House/Black Market (old)
Shorts: GAP (end of clearance last year)
Pocahontas shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet: Wrap bracelet by Premiere, Ring: LOFT, Earrings: Gift from friend

Have you been wearing the black and white trend? Most folks have plenty of options to choose from in their closets...

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  1. shoot - i should've got a shot of you at the end of the day, wearing that leather coat on your head! now THAT was a fashion statement! ;)

    1. Okay. This definitely made my morning. I wish I had thought of that!! Sigh. So many missed opportunities. Last week at CBS, in my haste and excitement to show some fellow members a few of my GoodWill finds, I nearly fell off the chair. One had to catch me. No photo. No photo...


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