Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red & Orange Go Quite Nicely...and a Sneaky Friend

This outfit was thrown together in under 5 minutes. (See the why below!) The inspiration to put red and orange together was from the cuff bracelet.  Otherwise, I don't know if I would have thought to wear the red shoes with the orange and white tank. Where have I been??

Outfit breakdown:
Real Girl Style Link Up
Sequin tank: Banana Republic (clearance in July)
Jeans: GAP (clearance - Labor day!)
Clutch: Fossil (Gift)
Shoes: White/Black (gift from MIL)
Cuff Bracelet: Target
Necklace: Premiere (borrowed - not too proud to beg)

***Surprises Keep Life Interesting...***

My birthday is already a thing of the past, so why should I suspect anything when a friend texted me and asked if I could help her with a "project" she is working on? She would need a few pictures of me in something I would wear out to eat or shopping.  Sure. Why not? 

When she arrives at my home I still haven't had a chance to change yet. She hurries me along and I make quick work of putting something together.  Rushing out the front door I stop midstride. All four of my boys are sitting around a high school friend, who doesn't usually just drop by.  What in the world? They all start laughing and I'm informed that I am being whisked away, sans children! Sneaky, sneaky friend! With babysitting arranged and pizza on the way...

Goodbye boys. Momma loves you! 

After meeting up with a couple more ladies, we make the haul to the Food Truck Alley event held weekly in an "old" town in Georgia. After acquiring a parking space we make our way to the sign for a photo opp, which leads to the pulling out of smart phones. Let the posting and tagging begin!

Live music played familiar songs and, you guessed it, food trucks lined the street as folks milled around to have dinner served hot from a highly decorated vehicle.  There were tacos, barbecue, all natural, Puerto Rican cuisine, dessert trucks and popsicle carts.  We walked by each truck and then made our selections. The rest of the evening was just girl talk. Yup...laughing and even a little touch of crying. I am very thankful for all the sweet ladies in my life...

Crowded Food Truck Alley

This one is for my dad...

Chicken Sandwich & Beet Salad. Yes, it was good!
Local Popsicle Joint with unique and delicious flavors
Being silly...I was soon be wearing some of that delicious chocolate and sea salt popsicle! It was bound to happen...



  1. You have such great friends to whisk you away like that!

    I love the outfit - it came together so well!

    1. Thank you Ashley. I feel very blessed indeed. :)


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