Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Burnout Tops and Gap Denim

Phew!! That was one crazy, fun-filled weekend!  From surprise-kidnapped outings with friends, a side job as an "extra", a big Cuban-themed birthday party to time spent with family, my head was left spinning and my feet left dragging. Of course I am going to share them all, but today I am starting with that last-minute side job and what I chose to wear for the event.

For some of the event details, see end of post...

Burnout Top with Nude Cami Underneath - love the details: a colored cami brings them out even more!
The burnout top has a nice feminine quality that is emphasized when paired with my slightly, distressed denim jeans. I like how the "snakeskin" flats are neutral but the texture adds more interest. Being that my role was to blend into the background, I chose a classic ensemble that was current but not too trendy.
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Outfit Breakdown:

Shirt - White/Black (gift from last shopping outing with MIL)
GAP Denim  - $12 Labor Day weekend find
Snakeskin Shoes - Chinese Laundry ($10 TJMaxx clearance find - last year)
Wristlet - GAP (old!)

****"Extra Recap"****

When informed by friend about a local, half-day extra job needed for the launch of a website that she would be apart of, I immediately submitted pictures of my husband and I. Typically extra work requires a long day - sometimes from early morning to later evening and it would take all of the pay to hire a sitter for such an event.  Our prompt response was rewarded with acceptance and instructions to dress business casual. Our role: patrons at a coffee shop.

Nerves did not come into play for this one. All I had to do was sip coffee and read - some of my favorite pastimes. :) Whether I have a principal role or if I am sitting in the background, I become so energized when the camera is rolling. I enjoy meeting new people and working with them in this capacity.

Spending time with my hubby and catching up with a friend, who had the principal role, made this opportunity all the more fun.   The three of us knew each other from working on the mission field together years ago, but this was the first time I was able to see her in "action" (pun totally intended). I was not disappointed. She was so comfortable with the camera and did exactly what they asked with ease.

Quick Funny Moment:

Extras are seated at their assigned coffee shop tables. One of us is reading on a kindle, slowly sipping coffee. Every once in awhile a small, savory bite is taken from the croissant that has been placed on the table. The other "extra" sips on coffee, takes amazingly, small bites for his man-sized mannerisms (oops, cat out of the bag) and stays engrossed in the book.  The scene director gives the cue. "Background action." "Background turns a page." BACKGROUND, turns a page." Startled, ONE of the extras lurches forward to jump at turning the page. Not natural at all. LOL. We learned that when taking on your role, don't get so involved in your book that you don't hear what's going on around you.

What a memorable event for my husband and I to store away. It was like we were out on a special date...free of children, lunch kindly provided, play money earned and catching up with an old friend!!



  1. that's great! Outfits were wonderful and cute for you! I so enjoy your blog and look forward to reading them. :)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and thanks for taking that final picture! :)

  2. ya'll are so cute!!! love you both :) Oh and I love the "man-sized mannerisms" I'm picturing him devouring sushi right now.... lol!

    1. Thank you RoseyRoman! Poor sushi never had a chance at actually being tasted. haha. :)

  3. What a fun experience! I have always dreamed of being an extra - I hope to make it happen someday!

    1. Thanks for commenting Ashley! If you live nearby locations that are filming, it's about as simple as submitting a photo. If not, come visit in Atlanta!! :)


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