Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week's Cobalt Casual

It's officially fall and right on time, a cool chill greeted me this morning.  Perfect for layers and three quarter length sleeves. :) So I pulled out the cobalt capris and Pantone's "Koi" (I say orange) shirt.

As the day warmed up...Simple and Comfortable

By mid-day the hair gets crazy. Time to change tactics...

Have any special fall-related plans? We went camping this past weekend. Drug the camper out and met up with a few other families. I love to see the boys get out and play. They rode their bikes, fished with their dad and the other kids. And when it rained they all (12 of them!) piled in the camper to watch movies while the adults huddled under the coverings and talked the afternoon away.  Love life's simple moments.  So glad fall is here. Just two more trips planned (2 more than I usually have in the fall!) that I look forward to experiencing and sharing with you. :)

He was so excited!!
Next time I will remember to bring my memory card so I can take more pictures!! BOO!!

*Outfit breakdown:*

Jean Jacket: LOFT - O.L.D.
Top: Banana Republic
Capris: Nordstrom Rack (COMFY!!)
Shoes: GoodWill, $5
Purse: Clarks
Watch: Quartz at Publix (makes me laugh - $5)
Bracelet: LOFT - snags all my tops and scarves! :(


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