Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Berets & Little Bundles

Progress on our sunroom continues. Today's background features installation. Three cheers for added warmth in the winter and keeping cooler in the summer! Goofing off in the privacy of this enclosed room has been entirely too much fun. With tripod in hand I escape to the one room in our home that is now full of natural light. As much as I look forward to completion I will miss, what is for our family, a wide open space.  However, the anticipation of being able to host a few extra guests far outweighs the value of blog play.  :)

On this day there was little time to play with tripods and poses. The boys and I had big plans to meet my new niece born just 2 hours south of us. As I was packing I found this knit beret and decided to go for it. While exciting the bedroom I was serenaded with "Raspberry Beret" by my very funny husband and my eldest son asked if I was going to be in a Shakespeare play. Um, I wish the hat was raspberry and Shakespeare didn't wear a hat like this. Help me - I live in a house a boys!

Cold Outside + Bad Hair Day = (Just Black) Beret

Dancing to Prince...Without My Beret

Outfit Breakdown:
Knit Beret: Handcrafted by...I can't seem to remember
Sweater: Limited
Jeans: Gap 
Sherpa Booties: GAP (last year)
Scarf: Express (old)
Jacket: GAP (old)
Purse: OLD - back when GAP used to do leather. :)

Meeting Lexi

Of course I could not close without introducing this sweet bundle...

Lexi Raye
I cannot wait to get back down for another visit. :)




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