Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Winter, But We Can Keep It Bright

I'm noticing a pattern of dress as of late.  As I begin to reach for my cute denim pants my fingers recoil at contact. It's as if they have a mind of their own, making a decision to instead grab for the cotton, cozy and giving feel of leggings.   If I continue to make these stretchy wonders apart of my everyday wear I may have to change this blog from Granola-n-Grace to Leggings-N-Grace. Seriously. At least the weekend wear is providing a little variety.

So without further ado, I bring you my next legging ensemble...

Brights, Polka Dots & Pattern Thrown in for Fun

With the crazy winds blowing around Georgia these days there is no point in spending time on hair prep - reach for a hat! Just don't let those nettlesome kids (and sometimes grownups!) grab it off your head in public to reveal hat head.

With a bright floral scarf and bright cross-body purse there is no need to slap on much jewelry. One simple bracelet will do. Also, it's hard to tell but I'm wear some over the knee socks for warmth.

Unafraid to mix black with brown any longer! 

For those who are timid about wearing leggings, a longer skirt is a great way to start.

Well, I will give an outfit breakdown but only the purse and socks have been added to my closet within the last year.  I need to go play with one of my sweaters from Christmas! 
Soon I hope to be writing a post on what is going on in our backyard. Until then I shall enjoy using the mess in our backyard for photo opportunities. 

Underneath the Zara dress and sweater in ANOTHER layer - Stay warm my reader friends. :)


Outfit Breakdown:

Polka Dot Dress: Zara - old
Sweater: Sam's Club - old
Leggings: Sam's Club - old
Jacket: Eddiebauer - old
Boots: Target
Scarf: a friend's
Purse: Clark's (last spring sale)
Over the Knee Socks: Khol's (Christmas gift)
Hat: GAP (old)


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