Monday, March 24, 2014

Granola & Lacy Skirt

Spring is most definitely making appearances in these parts! Our cherry tree believes it to be spring, as made evident by the white blossoms quickly apprearing. And after a series of miserable dreary days, the sun shone brightly last week. It made me think of lyrics from a current song that plays on the radio, "you only miss the sun when it starts to snow" (in this case when it continues to be dreary).  Then I was reminded of yet another truth. We wouldn't appreciate the sunny moments if it weren't for the cloudy ones.  So, for those unplagued by insufferable allergies, go ahead and step outside. Breathe in the beauty of spring. Take a moment for the gentle breeze to caress you, while you listen to the birds make ready. What a wonderful time of year. And me? What shall I be doing while you appreciate spring?

Hurry up!! Oh someone send me some sod!!
Just watching and waiting for our grass seed to germinate, sprout and GROW!!

Ok. Enough of my silliness. (yeah right.)  

The first day of spring was so beautiful here in Georgia I felt it only fitting to bring out these floral leggings. And I could not help (nor did I want to) the lightness and bounce in my step. Running errands never felt so good.  So with out further ado may I present my first outfit of spring...

Sunglasses found at LOFT for $4.98 

Oh, if only all days could feel like this one! I know...They would lose their luster if it were so.

There you have it.  A mixture of hand-me-downs, purchases from last year and a few gifted items. The only new article in the mix? Those sunglasses I purchased with a $10 credit at LOFT. In fact, I found two pairs for $10.  What a deal! And I thought this would be the year when I invested in some GOOD sunglasses. (Maui Jim or something) Maybe next year.

Outfit Breakdown:

Leather Jacket: Michael Kors (gift)
Top: Cast-off
Skirt: Wet-Seal (last year)
Floral Leggings: Some Country store in the mountains ($5)
Ankle Boots: Target
Necklace: Khols
Ring: Kate Spade (cast off)
Sunglasses: LOFT (4.98)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Recap: What I Wore

This past week has been one of those weeks that the days fly by, and you know you were in them, you're just not sure in what ways.  Blur to the max.  In the midst of the craziness I managed to snap a photo or two along the way, albeit low quality.

ZARA & Just the Right Accessories

My boyfriend jeans are so comfortable I decided to pull them out again. This time they are debuting with my well worn Zara shirt and an old striped tank. Also joining the outfit party is an old beaded necklace from Lia Sophia and a wood bangle from Banana Republic.

Just the Right Fit

This day felt like spring so I pulled out this long, light weight sweater and wore it for the first time. I'm so glad I finally did, as it was comfortable and had just the right fit around the waist.  A simple white shirt, bootcut jeans and the boots were the compliments to finish it off.  Easy. Comfortable. Put Together.

Sweater: SteinMart
White Shirt: Hand-me-down
Jeans: WHBM

Fun With Prints

Monogramed sweatshirt, floral print pants and over the knee socks were a playful and comfortable way to hang at home with the little guys.

Sweatshirt: Gift from Sister
Pants: Nordstrom Rack ($9 last year)
Socks: Christmas gift
The Camo Trend

I have yet to acquire a pair of camo pants, so to take advantage of a fun trend I pulled out this old skirt from my closet. Easy pair up with brown boots and a jean jacket. Ready to go.

Superhero Sweatshirt Returns & Middle Child "Probs"

Date night with this young man. He is our middle child and tends to get the brunt of things from his big brother and is most frequently pestered by his younger brothers.  I've even caught myself asking more from him because he is also the least likely to complain.

For example, his older brother decided that he no longer wanted to have the radio playing while trying to sleep. Collin protested but Ethan put up a bigger fuss, which is often the case. Tired and more than ready to end the day, I asked Collin to just try and sleep, said goodnight and shut the door.  While shuffling down the hallway, I considered the possibility that I was being selfish and unfair to my middle son. The volume was so low, the radio was and is closer to Collin and Ethan had a fan going at his bunk.  I just didn't want to start an argument with my eldest and knew Collin would be the first to concede.  The following evening we put the radio back in play and explained why.  I also decided that some quality time with Collin was overdue.  It was so overdue that I readied an article I found on pinterest with great open-ended questions to ask children and older kids (link here).

Throughout our coffee shop visit I glanced inconspicuously at my phone for more questions while he busied himself with the 2nd frappucino of his lifetime and a gooey, warm sweet roll.  The evening was quickly becoming a night of memories made and our conversation varied from things like who has been your favorite teacher and why, to what superhero power you'd like to have.  Super power: shape shifting!  My goal is to make a habit of this for all our boys while they are still with us. Only roughly 6 years left with Ethan!

Outfit: Breaking out Superman sweatshirt (Khols), GAP boyfriend jeans and brown flats from GoodWill. (No worries. Those puppies were cleaned!)

Thank you for sharing in by reading. And if you have tips and ideas to exchange on how you keep your middle child feeling "just as loved" do share!

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