Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY: Crafting??

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but I am craft challenged.  My attention to detail is lacking and I have little patience with tedious projects where I need to read instructions on how "to do". However, the completion of our small home addition has motivated and inspired me to try.

Adding to the need to "fill" the walls, the construction of the sunroom has also left me with some good, usable wood (we had to tear down the existing deck). Now before you get all excited, I must tell you that I'm starting at the beginning! The wood pile shall remain stationary til I build some confidence, get some help or just feel straight up crazy!

First Project: Memo Frame

This frame sat untouched for the last several years in our building out back. The glass was cracked and the picture was stained and rotting.   So, I went about the simple task of kicking out the old picture. That was easy. Crafting might be fun after all.

Now for the twine. With my broken staple gun I proceeded to staple my dearly loved twine (I use it on most gift wrapping as it seems to make the most haphazardly thrown together package look cute.) and staple it to the back of this frame. Here's where I get all exact and stuff. I took my tape measure and marked off where the twine would be level - wow! Yes, I am making fun of myself here. But it's true. I was proud of myself.

So here you have it. Project one complete. Thank you pinterest.

BTW, I did not paint the little sign. That was last year's birthday gift from a friend.

Cost Breakdown:

Get pics printed: $1.50
Mini-clothes pins: $2.25
Total: $3.75

Second Project: Memo Board for Boys' Room

I found this Pottery Barn memo board at GoodWill a couple of months ago with no real idea of where or how I would use it.

I spray painted it grey and then made pinwheels with twine (oh, I just love twine!), jute and hot glue. (I actually own a glue gun!)

I was going to stencil "Brothers", but a sweet friend offered to cut them for me on her cricket. Yes! A quick trip to Costco for prints and I was ready to hang the finished product.

Cost Breakdown:

Board: $3.50
Spray Paint: $3.75
Prints: $1.50

Total: $8.75

It would seem silly to blog about simple pieces such as these, but there may be others like myself who are less than confident when it comes to making your own art, etc.  I must admit that it felt great to not only save a few dollars, but that the pieces are somewhat unique. Of course my confidence has grown a notch and I feel ready to try again. Next project may be painting the brown medal folding chairs, as I'm still not sure I'm up for the woodpile.

Are you craft challenged? Or do you have some great tips to share with a beginner such as myself?




  1. You are on a roll with the crafting lately! Good work - both memo boards look really good!

    1. Thank you! Maybe next time I can try a cute pallet table?? :)

  2. I loooove to do crafts!!!! You are doing a great job.....keep it up girl.


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