Friday, July 11, 2014

Burnout Tops & Lace

Hello! How is your summer going? Our summer is passing quickly as usual, only this year some of the business is full of trips to Atlanta.* While I neither enjoy traffic nor repeat trips to the gas station, I do enjoy the extra time spent with my fast growing buddies.

We make the best of our windshield time by playing Atlas (I need to study my maps more!) and sightseeing of course. As we cruise along in my fab minivan, a small level of excitement builds once varied structures and elaborate billboards come into view. Ah, the city.  If I were an adrenaline junky I would love the thrill and adventure that comes with changing lanes to exit. Too bad I'm not.  However, I do love learning my way around this popular city.

On our last trip we ventured to a location known as "The Goat Farm". I thought that was an interesting name for an office complex, but upon arrival I realized that it actually was a goat farm surrounded by old brick, warehouses. And those warehouses were not easy to find. The boys sat tensely as I blindly navigated through narrow, dirt roads while gripping the steering wheel and moaning at the unlikelihood of finding a studio at a crazy goat farm!  Twenty minutes, several turns and u-turns later, we finally found what we were looking for and parked in the gravel parking lot.

Dirt filled my heeled-sandals and made a home between my toes as I wobbled my way to our destination. Evan indignantly observed that I was putting holes in the ground with my heels. So sorry! 

And so continued our adventure for the day...I am only sorry that I did not take pictures of the surrounding buildings. In fact, these pictures exist only because we ended up having to wait so long that I decided to take the younger two outside for a few minutes. Thus began their career as photographers...

Outfit Breakdown:

Burnout top: White/Black (last year)
Skirt: Wet Seal
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (look for their clear the rack sales!)
Sunglasses: LOFT ($5)
Bag: Gift from friends

My adorable photographers...

*After our Disney commercial booking last year, the two older boys decided to look into opportunities for more commercial auditions, etc. We are praying for a booking! :) Hopefully more on this later...

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