Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beanies & Snow

We interrupt this blog post series on scarves, to bring you beanies and snow people!  I think this is the first time that schools closed before the snow came, but I could be wrong.  My Facebook newsfeed is full of short video clips and pictures of children and adults alike, outside trying to get a taste of that Georgia snow, literally.  I've decided to join their winter fun with this impromptu post. After all, it's Georgia, so in five minutes the snow may be gone.

What's so special about beanies, Chrissy? Well, since the first time I met my husband, he has loved beanies. He would wear them in the winter of course, but his affinity for the sock hat did not stop there. No! Why not enjoy the cold weather accessory in the middle of a hot, humid summer day? In fact, you would rarely see Glen without his beanie. We could be sitting on the beach, but that would not deter him (nor did the EXTRA perspiration) from sporting his unique style, while sipping on a cup of hot coffee - his other favorite.

And though he has out grown his daily style habit, he still sports the beanie in cold weather. So today I dedicate this post to my hubby.

Here's to you Glen!

There you have it my friends. Eddie Bauer sweatshirt, Talbots vest, Target boots and Carhart Beanie are all from days of old. Only my WHBM skinnies are newly added to the wardrobe this year. And what a welcome addition they have been, bringing new possibilities to dressing up or down!

Would you wear a beanie? And around your yard doesn't count!

With that, I am off to get soup started. Tonight's soup? I'm taking left over pot roast and adding veggies to go for a veggie beef stew. EASY PEASY.


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