Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Set and My New Favorite Tee

One recent afternoon, my iPhone jingled and the squished up faces of my husband and I smiled at me.  It was the acting agency. A rare happenstance indeed.

Would Ethan be available for a shoot tomorrow? That's it. No other details at this time.

Why yes, yes he would.  We drive to and from Atlanta for auditions. We send in self-taped video auditions. But a job, no matter how small, without the work of the audition? Those are delightful surprises!

We are told what time to show up, where to go and what to wear.

Job Description? Um. I forgot to ask.

We just show up and do what we are told...

And we are told to wait...

Go sample goodies at the "kraft" station or snack cart. Ethan may have gone more than once. He loves snacks you know.

And wait some more.

Primary Language Spoken? Spanish. 

This aspect was so fun. I still wasn't clear on what project Ethan was involved in, but I realized quickly it was for a Spanish speaking network!

Most actors in this project are from? California.

Ethan's time slot comes up and I find ways to amuse myself without getting in the way.

Oh look! This wall paper totally matches my new favorite tee from Seriously Happy Tees.

T-shirt was a birthday gift ordered from Seriously Happy Tees on Etsy

Now let me ask you. Does it really matter that this photo was taken in the bathroom?

When the bathroom's fabulous wallpaper begins to loose it's luster, I wander off to see how things are progressing with Ethan. His role is to walk up to the dental counter check in with his casted dad and sister and then go sit down.  And so he does. Multiple times. After an hour of this, we break for a catered dinner of Texas style Mexican. A recording of Selina plays quietly in the background.  

A sweet actress offers to take our picture and then kindly tells me to pose again with my arm back. The previous angle made my arm look big. Ah. Life on set!

Big Arm...Take 1

Yeah. She was right.

Take 2

All joking aside, I thoroughly enjoy being on set. You meet a variety of interesting people, from the wardrobe coordinator, make up artists, set producers to the actors. It's an incredible amount of work with a whole lot of details to facilitate.  We are not pursuing this for a career, as we do not have the time and funds to invest in classes, etc to go at it seriously.  However, I believe these are great experiences for both of the boys to learn to work with others professionally at such a young age.  And of course I love the quality one on one time I get with these boys. They are growing too fast!

Until the next call...

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