Saturday, November 14, 2015

To Pineville and Beyond

Our adventures for today, landed us in Pineville, NC, just about three hours from us. Our purpose? A "go see" for my middle child. And that's exactly how it goes down. You go and they see if they like you or not. Typically I do not drive a total of 6 hours for auditions, but I said yes and at that point there is no going back.

I was dreading this trip, but a last minute scheduling surprise landed my mom right into my mini-van. Let the good times roll...all the way to Pineville Mall.

There doesn't seem to be an end to new experiences in this business for us.  We have gone from goat farm in the middle of Atlanta to a department store in the mall.  The instructions were very specific. Go through the employee entrance, use this code, go up elevator, turn right and then follow directions through the warehouse. That's where it felt a little freaky.

"you go first Mom".  

"No. Collin, you go ahead..."

That's all we could see. No sign of a studio. But we all finally stepped in, like characters in the Wizard of Oz with arms linked, walking through the maze until we saw light coming from an open doorway.

Who knew this was back there??

And in less than 10 minutes we were done! So, to no feel as if we just drove three hours for 10 minutes we decided to walk around the mall for a few minutes...

...grab coffee

...take pictures

This day will now be filed under "Time Well Spent". And if anyone is curious, the owl shirt I'm wearing was purchased at a Harris III, the Illusionist show. "It's now how you look, it's how you see."

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