Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maximizing Space & Mini-Makeover in the Master Bedroom

Remember how I said I wanted to start celebrating even the smallest of achievements this year? Well, this may not be my smallest and I may leave the tiny ones for IG posts, but today I'm excited to share a first of what I hope to be many for this year.

 My saga of maximizing space continues as the 6 of us live day to day in a small ranch. (Side note - so does much of the rest of the world!) Admittedly, we still have areas we can improve on and it has taken some practice over the years.  Somedays I just want to trade up! My husband and I re-visit that option every year or so, but we always seem to come to the same conclusion...low mortgage trumps the desire for more space when entertaining. I say entertaining because we realize that we don't actually need more space on a day to day basis. I just want more space at times. (Check out my garage entertaining Christmas adventure HERE.)

Today I begin with our master bedroom.  First I'll share how we are making it work space wise, and then I'll show the minor changes we made to the overall look for less than $75.00  

 For space purposes we purchased  2 Wardrobes (Pax) and 2 Billy shelves from IKEA. (We feel understood at IKEA.) These closets would enable Glen to have a place to store his guns and hunting gear and in turn my closet could be utilized for extra storage.  

Side note: Over the summer I purged my closet twice and it felt oh so good!

***Bed BEFORE***

***Wardrobe After Purging...***

This was my favorite!

Alright. Enough about the wardrobes. Let's get to my new bedspread and how it motivated me to move beyond function and add some decoration. 

WAIT! Before you read any further.

This post will not be featured in a magazine or pinned onto Pinterest boards. However, I hope it will encourage those of you who feel decor-challenged. We can stay simple and still love the space we are in. That being said, if you have a friend or two with a knack for it, I see no issue with bugging them for some help. ;) 

***Bed AFTER***

New Bedspread from Belk...and Kitty
Iron Headboard was FREE!
***Glen's Side BEFORE...***

Yes, we went to sleep night after night with that as one of the last things we saw before slumber. 

After hanging the group of 4 pieces, we realized that would not be enough and added 2 more.  The  table, sad roses and pitiful lamp was replaced with our coffee table/bench from the living room. (We searched for just the right size table or bench with no luck. This was our way of improvising.)

***Glen's Side AFTER***

3 Items are from a local artist, Christy Beasley.

Can an artificial plant be considered dead? Ours was. We replaced that with this white folding chair. It's nothing special but we had it laying around and it looked far better with an added bonus of functionality. We can sit on it. (I know. It looks like someone sat on our old plant.) 

***Chrissy's Side BEFORE***

***Chrissy's Side AFTER***

Notice that both Glen and I's closet doors have hangers for coats, bags, scarves, etc. We try and utilize all the space that we can.  

Suggestions for the space challenged sum-up:

1. Clean out extra junk, things you don't wear or don't feel great in. This would help even those who have plenty of space to work with.  It just makes life easier.
2.  Look into a wardrobe system from IKEA and see if it would work with your bedroom layout. They have lots of different options. 
3. Utilize any doors that you can to hang extras. 

Total Cost invested to make me feel like I have a "new" bedroom on the decor end...

New Bedspread: $0.00 (Christmas gift)
New Throw: $12.00
Glen Side/Local Art & Goodwill frames: $37.00
New Throw Pillow: $10.00
Iron Headboard: Free (someone was getting rid of it)

Total Spent: $59.00

Well, that's all my reader friends. How do you maximize space in your master bedroom? Do you have any tips for this gal? For instance, I'm deliberating over the idea of spray painting the iron headboard a color from a bedspread. Thoughts?




  1. Looks great, Chrissy! I love your home!

    1. Awww, thank you! The Harmon family is always so encouraging. :)

  2. I love the makeover, and the Ikea closets are great. I can tell that Kitty must like the makeover as well :) Oh, and I purged my closet just this morning because of you and it did feel great! On the down side, I now have hardly anything to wear! Want to go shopping? ;)

    1. Thank you Carrie! :) Funny thing about Kitty. She didn't start hanging in the room until we put that blanket at the bottom of the bed. She is very entitled. You purged your closet? That makes me so happy to hear. And I'd love to go shopping with you. We could hit Clothes Mentor! But before we do, we should determine what you need. I bet that will be far easier now that you cleaned out your closet!

    2. I'll be working on a needs list ;-)

    3. Alright! Let me know if you need help on the list. :)


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