Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WIW: Black Skinnies!

A closer look without winter wear...

This outfit was made possible by my latest closet addition: Black Skinnies. Why am I just getting these?? I'm telling you, when you clean out your closet you gain a far better idea of what you actually need. Out with my pink skinnies that I hardly ever wear and in with these black ones. There is no room to grow in these, but I think that may hold me accountable more. I notice I pass by the cupcakes, etc while wearing them.

I threw my accessories together quickly this morning and layered these necklaces that were made by friends or purchased local.  The bracelets are by Pandora and Premiere. In retrospect, I'd change out this handbag, but come on - this is real life! I'm just glad all four of my boys had their lunches in tow and I made it to my morning commitment.

Distressed Black Skinny: WHBM
Leather Jacket: Similar

Another quick outfit I threw together with these skinnies. :)

This adorable tee was made by one of the many creative individuals on Etsy. She has lots of cute prints and even does custom orders. Here's the link for Seriously Happy Tees.

Thanks for reading and I love conversing with friends - comment away! :)



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