Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Hubby Fav & Other Ramblings

Well, this is an outfit that I liked better in person than on camera. In spite of some camera-hatin', this ensemble was a hubby fav, so I guess I'll be wearing it again. And those two crazies? Their spring break is 2 weeks before our older boys (and most of the schedules we happen to be involved with). So it's business as usual, only with some cute tagalongs.  As it turns out, they love to pose for blog pics. Somehow, we managed to grab a shot before they hopped back in the picture.

Outfit Breakdown:
Long tee: WHBM, Chambray: Consignment Store, Necklace: Sugar Rush by Premiere, Purse and shoes: OLD

The rest of the week was spent in clothes suitable for the park, sneaking chocolate out of the fridge and a Good Friday service with our older boys (thanks to some friends sharing tickets with us!)

Juggling two different age group has it challenges from time to time.  Middle schoolers and their likes, or should I say dislikes (there seems to be far more dislikes at this age than interests) don't always mesh well with the 6 year olds. At least the contrast helps us appreciate the wonder and awe that goes along with a young school age child. They love time with mom and dad, they dole out hugs like there's no tomorrow and they think silliness is so cool. Just about anything can be made into an adventure with them.

"Hey Mr. Evan. Can you drive over in your green car and deliver this soup to the neighbor? It's a secret mission."


Sounds fun to him. Now ask one of the older ones to deliver something, while pretending to be on a secret mission. Yeah. First comes the rolling of the eyes. Then comes the groans of protest at being asked to do ANYTHING.  (They still have to help out though!) Or trying running up to one of them with arms wide open for a hug. I'm actually laughing right now.

On the other hand, we have fun on outings that the older kids now appreciate, such as a great concert or watching a movie that we adults can actually get into.  Most things we do together as a family, but it's a treat to break them up by age group from time to time.  Where are the pictures of the older boys? Well, that's another thing they don't like. Being in pictures with their mom. But hey! Here's a picture of me and the back of Ethan's head. ;)

I'm done. Said middle schooler is obnoxiously singing in the background.  Horrible closing. I may fix this tomorrow. I may not.


Pose inspired by Lecrae and Tedashii - I try. 

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