Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Patriotic Wrap Up: WIW

It's get out of town time, but I grabbed a quick blog photo to complete my weekend of patriotic outfits. However, with the 4th of July a mere month away, the opportunity to play around and create more will soon be here. 

Now I must be honest on two accounts. One. This skirt is old. It was old to the person who passed it onto me, and that was a few years ago. Old. So I tied the shirt ends together instead of going with my original plan to untuck the shirt and belt it. Hopefully it gave the outfit a more relaxed and current look. What do you think?

Onto confession number Two. My my watch stopped telling time a couple of years ago and I still wear it occasionally. I know. I should really get that battery changed. Or how about a new watch altogether?

Outfit Breakdown:

Skirt: who knows?
Shoes: Target clearance ($6!)
Bangles: Charming Charlie & 1 sweet Alex and Ani, gifted from a friend
Watch: who cares, right?? Broken thing that it is.

And in case you missed them, here are my other 2 outfits:

Legging Comfort!

Poised Maxi

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Linen Joggers & the Color Coral

When I purchased these pants on clearance a couple seasons ago, I figured they'd be worn once and then quickly become "the beach pants". Well, while they are definitely on my beach packing list, I've gotten my money's worth wearing them inland. They go nicely with any solid pop of color, so it's like I have new pants each time I switch out top and accessories. And coral mixes fabulously with so many colors...blue, grey, black, white, green, beige, and the list goes on. 

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Gifted
Joggers: LOFT (white joggers for $6.50?? )
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (fun optionsorbet color)
Bangles & Sabrina Earrings:( Premier Catalog)

(I'll be linking up with Sydney Fashion HunterBeauty 101 by LisaHigh Latitude Style and the Pleated Poppy today)
A little random thought for ya...I looked through my blog posts the other day and couldn't help but notice the routine of my life weaved through outfits.  

Casual, casual, casual and then slightly dressy. Repeat. 

Slightly dressy is worn to church related fun and Sunday mornings at church. 

Errands, errands, errands and then church stuff. Repeat.

Now, I stand by the saying "come as your are".  Jeans, shorts, piercings or tattoos don't offend me in the least. (Sometimes I wonder if walking shoes wouldn't be better for navigating around our campus!)  However, the way I'm dressed often effects how I feel or present myself.  For example, I'd walk into just about anywhere with this outfit on. However, if I go in my yoga pants, I'll be tempted to do wall sits and lunges to and from worship. No sin there. Though it may be a little distracting.  And if I'm not wearing a bra, I'm not doing anything but housework or laying around. 

Personally, I like to take it up on notch on Sunday mornings, starting with a shower and my bra (I hope you hear my humor here) and be ready for whatever may come.  On the other hand, sometimes my preparation to get ready outwardly, leaves no time to ready my heart and mind to hear from God. And that's where I can go wrong from time to time if, I'm not careful. I want to experience REAL peace, REAL joy and Real love from God and for others. In order to accomplish this on a crazy Sunday morning, I may need to invest time on Saturday night or get up earlier.  And remember this too...

 "When they arrived, Samuel saw Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord.” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:6-7

So how about you? Would you wear joggers? Do you attend church anywhere? No judgement here. Just genuine curiosity. I can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed getting to know others through this venture!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Feeling Patriotic

Feeling poised
Memorial day is quickly approaching and for those down south, so is the last day of school. With four boys in attendance at two different schools, our schedule is hectic to say the least. This week we say se la vie to 1st grade, 6th grade and 8th grade. And yes, that means I officially joined the parents of a high schooler club. Aren't I too young for this? What happened to the little monkey I used to chase around the family room? Ah no. I need to move on before this lighthearted post becomes a weeping mom's memoir.

Let's talk about lighter things, like I don't know, clothes. What are your Memorial day plans? Will you be camping, barbecuing, boating or picnicking? Do you enjoy dressing for the occasion in your patriotic colors, or will you be sporting the classic cut off shorts and a t-shirt?

This ensemble made its' debut at our end of the year "Share Day" for CBS Bible study. I don't know that I'll be wearing this exact outfit, but maybe a variation of it. Both the skirt and the top are by LuLaRoe, which I purchased at a friend's pop up boutique. I've enjoyed shopping for new clothes, while supporting a friend at the same time. I leave with cute, comfortable clothing and she has some extra money in her pocket to help pay bills. Win, Win.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: IRMA (Similar)
Skirt: Maxi (Similar)
Sandals: Target Clearance
Hat: Khols
Necklace: Nod to Mod by Premier Designs (Catalog)

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By the way, this year we are hitting the road for a beach vacation with 17 of my family members (we will miss you Paul, Jess and Kesler!!!!). My boys are excited to spend time with their cousins and I'm excited to read with the sound of the ocean filling my senses. :)

Here's a bonus for you...

I haven't given up trying to learn to accompany myself with the guitar just yet. Admittedly, I do put it down for periods of time when I get discouraged or busy. However, I keep trudging along with this hobby. It's humbling. Mostly humbling, but there are times when it's very rewarding. This was one of those times. I'm so grateful to CBS for investing in me spiritually and even musically.

Have a fabulous day my reader friends and remember to keep moving. :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fashion Fails & "Adulting"

Necklace by "the giving keys"

Leather wrap by Curry and Curry InnovationsBangle by Alex & Ani. and the rings are by Premier Designs

The amount of outfit possibilities that exists in one's closet amazes me. My wardrobe is small in size and yet I still find unworn combinations. Today I'm wearing only items from seasons past, making this outfit the perfect example. It came together quickly and the skirt is so fun, I just knew everything was going to be GREAT. I felt like skipping.  However, the day veered from hopscotch skipping to the drudgery of real life. More on that later. First let's talk about where I went wrong on this get up.

  1. I usually wear this skirt with leggings, so I felt somewhat exposed and paranoid that the wind would blow and things would show.  Know what I mean?
  2. I thought my bra straps were under control, safely tucked away and pushed out of sight...

Where was someone to tell me my bra straps were showing??

Not cute. Not Stylish.

So. Will I wear this outfit again?  Yes, but it would be better for a date night (as apposed to grocery shopping where one is stooping, bending over, loading and unloading - duh!) and next time I'll find a different bra!

Outfit Breakdown:
Scoopback Tee: the Gap
Lace Skirt: old
Belt: Came with the skirt
Thong Sandals: Clarks
Purse: Coach (hand me down)

Now let's talk about that drudgery. Anyone like filling out and processing paperwork? Give me a room full of slobbery, nose-picking, preschoolers to entertain (with plenty of distance in between us), but don't give me paperwork!  Paperwork and the organization thereof. Papers that say "hereby" and "wherein" be far from me!  Alas, it comes along with adulthood, doesn't it?

Goodbye skip. Hello trudge.

The plan to be out of the house by 10:30 to run errands, came to a screeching halt when a certain email rudely landed in my inbox.  Pertinent paperwork was not received, making us precariously close to missing an important deadline (if we hadn't already).  Instantly my stomach clenched and it would remain this way into the afternoon. Now my morning of simple maintenance turned into frantic searching, unpleasant phone calls and trying not to get overly emotional.

You see, I've submitted this form 3 times, but for whatever reason,  I wasn't getting it right. And now the one form they required was mysteriously missing. My organization skills, though improving, are quite sad at times, which adds more stress during paperwork processing. There was only to wait on our accountant to get back in town and send us his copy.

This error is potentially costly. And it is out of my control.

So now what? Do I stress about it for the rest of the day? Be irritable and snappy with everyone around me?

Well, my mom gave me chocolate strawberries, which I quickly consumed.  That was a good start.

Chocolate doesn't fix things, but it sure helps me feel better. ;)

But I have to go deeper than that.  I need to remember WHO is in control. Money, though needed to live, is just a means to get certain aspects of life done. It's not a source of happiness, contentment or security. You can lose it all without a moments notice. Nothing in life is permanent.  So, I will pray and ask God to help me be more attentive when and where needed. Then I need to trust Him with the rest.  Freedom is available here. Sweet peace and wonderful freedom. I know this is not as easy as it sounds and some days it takes longer than others to get there, but when I do...

"The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in HIM; though he may stumble he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand." Psalm 37:23

...it feels so good!

While I may not feel like skipping today that doesn't mean I won't tomorrow. Besides, I'm not sure skipping is appropriate in this skirt.

So what about you? Do you battle with your bra straps? Do you love paperwork?? AND, if you have a knack for organization, what tends to stress you out? Just curious.


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Monday, May 16, 2016

Gladiator Sandals: What Was I Waiting For?

What has come over me with the skirts?  I'm wearing skirts on my casual days...and liking it. Now, I know I purchased a couple of great skirts by LuLaRoe (this ONE is my favorite), so it makes sense that I'd be wearing those.  But you know what? It's not just a couple new skirts from LuLaRoe, because I've had this skirt for a while. Perhaps it's the new sandals? I am no fashion guru, therefore I don't always know why some things work together and other things don't. (Hopefully, I'm learning.) For example...
Skirt is the Madison, by LuLaRow
Not loving this sandal style with the skirt. Or maybe I don't love the ridiculous face I'm making. Or maybe both. Maybe if this skirt was ankle length, or shorter? So  many maybes.

These sandals seem to work better with my skirts than any other pair in my closet.  They opened up a whole new world (see gadgets and gizmos aplenty really do help! haha. That was bad. I know.).

Do you own an accessory that makes you feel like you just tripled outfit options in your wardrobe??

Outfit Breakdown:

Pocket Tee: the Gap (similar)
Skirt: LOFT (similar but looks more comfortable)
SHOES: Target clearance (In store only)
Bracelets: It's A Wrap, Starlet, Stackeriffic by Premier Designs (Exact)
Necklace: Short Notice Necklace and "Second Act" Enhancer (Exact)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Put Together & Dollar Store Adventures

Outside clouds hung thick, giving the day a grey pallor. This makes me want to curl up on our couch with a book and a cup of coffee or tea.  Not happening. That to-do list won't complete itself, so to fight off the dreariness, I grab my colorful plaid shirt. From there I accessorize with solid pops of color. Fabulous hair won't be happening either, but that's what hats are for.

Outfit Breakdown:
Hat: birthday gift (similar)
Plaid shirt: Altar'd state
Jeans: Gap, always skinny 
Shoes: Vans (similar They are offering 20% off plus free shipping at this site)

Well, I get the boys off for school, take queso to a class fiesta, drop in on a group of friends setting up for an event that night and this is where the morning took an unexpected turn.


"Hey ladies!" I look around and already the bland, multipurpose room is taking on a homey, intimate feel.
"What can I do?" I'm directed to the pile of packaged table cloths and begin covering round tables. Within a few minutes we realize that there is a shortage of said round, plastic white table cloths with a lace pattern.
"Where are these from?" Dollar General. Easy. One is located just a few miles up the road. My friend, and fellow volunteer,  and I hop into the car and begin a quick run for table cloths. "Quick."

1st stop: Dollar "Gentral". No round white table cloths with white lace pattern.

2nd stop: Back up the road a piece is the Dollar Tree. They have round white, but no lace pattern.

"Hey look at these cute mugs! I could use these for craft projects to make gifts!" We detour for a few minutes here. Then we decide to make one more attempt, since Family Dollar is close by as well. (I never realized how many "dollar" related stores we had.)

3rd stop: Family Dollar. NO round table cloths of any kind. This quick errand just got serious.

4th stop: Kroger. NO round table cloths.

5th stop: Walgreens. NO table cloths of any kind.

6th stop: Publix. NO round table cloths. Now we've been gone a good hour and we are getting desperate. Do we go back to the second stop and get the plain white ones? There is one more dollar store a few more miles in the other direction. We decide to go with that.

7th stop: Dollar General, Hog Mountain Rd. We walk to the table cloth section. The peg for round table cloths is stark and table cloth-less. Two employees are working in the aisle with a basket full of items they are restocking.  I ask about round white table cloths. I don't care if they have lace or not. "Well, I just saw these," states the gal as she picks up round white table cloths with a LACE PATTERN. "Hallelujah!" My partner-in-crime and I laugh and explain to them that this is our 7th stop looking for those confounded plastic table cloths. I hug this sweet, precious woman and my friend takes a picture. She thinks I'm a little crazy, but I don't care.

We return to the church, my friend has to scoot. It's May and that means lots of kid parties, field days and other activities. She has several dozen cupcakes to bake. With just enough time left in my schedule to cover those naked tables, I rush in apologizing about the length of time we were gone. I'm greeted by cheers and thank you's. Mission accomplished. And look at the cute popcorn bar. Some folks are just so gifted!

My to-do list still awaited me, but I wouldn't have traded those laughs and crazy antics for groceries! I can get those tomorrow.

P.S. I am beginning to believe that sometimes half our to-do list could be put off for quality, memory making moments with a living, breathing being.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Minimalist Jewelry Trends & Gloriously Oversized Tops

These glasses are too big for my face. Guess they are now for the beach and the pool!

I'm loving the easy, comfortable trends in clothing and accessories right now. Each year I wonder at the life expectancy of leggings. Let's hold them close. You never know when their time may come to an end. In truth, this outfit felt like wearing pajamas in disguise (though some may disagree and say "I have pajamas that look just like that!").

And why not join the minimalist trends in jewelry? Everywhere I look I see simple, delicate pieces that look great layered, or not layered, dressed up or dressed down.

In this case,  I was all out casual and opted for the layered look to run errands. We even had an unplanned outing to the skating rink for our school spirit night. Of course I had to drop in and say hi to the hubbs between stops, which became an opportunity for the blog to live on. I said, "dahling, you simply MUST take some photos of me sporting this gloriously oversized top with the trending accessory pieces." And then he said,


(You may just have to watch the Instagram Husband video on youtube to get that one.)

Outfit breakdown:

Top: Irma by LulaRoe (similar)
Leggings: Norstrom Rack
Converse: (similar)
Necklaces: Keep it Personal & Heaven by Premiere 
(email: granolangrace@gmail.com to get your hands on those cuties)


My skating buddies...:)

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