Monday, May 16, 2016

Gladiator Sandals: What Was I Waiting For?

What has come over me with the skirts?  I'm wearing skirts on my casual days...and liking it. Now, I know I purchased a couple of great skirts by LuLaRoe (this ONE is my favorite), so it makes sense that I'd be wearing those.  But you know what? It's not just a couple new skirts from LuLaRoe, because I've had this skirt for a while. Perhaps it's the new sandals? I am no fashion guru, therefore I don't always know why some things work together and other things don't. (Hopefully, I'm learning.) For example...
Skirt is the Madison, by LuLaRow
Not loving this sandal style with the skirt. Or maybe I don't love the ridiculous face I'm making. Or maybe both. Maybe if this skirt was ankle length, or shorter? So  many maybes.

These sandals seem to work better with my skirts than any other pair in my closet.  They opened up a whole new world (see gadgets and gizmos aplenty really do help! haha. That was bad. I know.).

Do you own an accessory that makes you feel like you just tripled outfit options in your wardrobe??

Outfit Breakdown:

Pocket Tee: the Gap (similar)
Skirt: LOFT (similar but looks more comfortable)
SHOES: Target clearance (In store only)
Bracelets: It's A Wrap, Starlet, Stackeriffic by Premier Designs (Exact)
Necklace: Short Notice Necklace and "Second Act" Enhancer (Exact)

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