Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Put Together & Dollar Store Adventures

Outside clouds hung thick, giving the day a grey pallor. This makes me want to curl up on our couch with a book and a cup of coffee or tea.  Not happening. That to-do list won't complete itself, so to fight off the dreariness, I grab my colorful plaid shirt. From there I accessorize with solid pops of color. Fabulous hair won't be happening either, but that's what hats are for.

Outfit Breakdown:
Hat: birthday gift (similar)
Plaid shirt: Altar'd state
Jeans: Gap, always skinny 
Shoes: Vans (similar They are offering 20% off plus free shipping at this site)

Well, I get the boys off for school, take queso to a class fiesta, drop in on a group of friends setting up for an event that night and this is where the morning took an unexpected turn.


"Hey ladies!" I look around and already the bland, multipurpose room is taking on a homey, intimate feel.
"What can I do?" I'm directed to the pile of packaged table cloths and begin covering round tables. Within a few minutes we realize that there is a shortage of said round, plastic white table cloths with a lace pattern.
"Where are these from?" Dollar General. Easy. One is located just a few miles up the road. My friend, and fellow volunteer,  and I hop into the car and begin a quick run for table cloths. "Quick."

1st stop: Dollar "Gentral". No round white table cloths with white lace pattern.

2nd stop: Back up the road a piece is the Dollar Tree. They have round white, but no lace pattern.

"Hey look at these cute mugs! I could use these for craft projects to make gifts!" We detour for a few minutes here. Then we decide to make one more attempt, since Family Dollar is close by as well. (I never realized how many "dollar" related stores we had.)

3rd stop: Family Dollar. NO round table cloths of any kind. This quick errand just got serious.

4th stop: Kroger. NO round table cloths.

5th stop: Walgreens. NO table cloths of any kind.

6th stop: Publix. NO round table cloths. Now we've been gone a good hour and we are getting desperate. Do we go back to the second stop and get the plain white ones? There is one more dollar store a few more miles in the other direction. We decide to go with that.

7th stop: Dollar General, Hog Mountain Rd. We walk to the table cloth section. The peg for round table cloths is stark and table cloth-less. Two employees are working in the aisle with a basket full of items they are restocking.  I ask about round white table cloths. I don't care if they have lace or not. "Well, I just saw these," states the gal as she picks up round white table cloths with a LACE PATTERN. "Hallelujah!" My partner-in-crime and I laugh and explain to them that this is our 7th stop looking for those confounded plastic table cloths. I hug this sweet, precious woman and my friend takes a picture. She thinks I'm a little crazy, but I don't care.

We return to the church, my friend has to scoot. It's May and that means lots of kid parties, field days and other activities. She has several dozen cupcakes to bake. With just enough time left in my schedule to cover those naked tables, I rush in apologizing about the length of time we were gone. I'm greeted by cheers and thank you's. Mission accomplished. And look at the cute popcorn bar. Some folks are just so gifted!

My to-do list still awaited me, but I wouldn't have traded those laughs and crazy antics for groceries! I can get those tomorrow.

P.S. I am beginning to believe that sometimes half our to-do list could be put off for quality, memory making moments with a living, breathing being.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for being a friend I can hang with and have fun doing just about anything. ;)

  2. I can't believe you guys had go to 7 stores for the table cloths. That is commitment! I probably would have given up. At least you looked super cute in your plaid for all the store clerks to admire
    Carly from Dresses & Denim

    1. Haha! I know. We were too embarrassed to go back empty handed. Thank you for commenting. :)

  3. The outfit is ADORABLE and the story is hilarious. SEVEN STORES?!?! Goodness. Dedication. Sheer dedication.


    1. We kept joking about how those that were waiting on us probably thought we went to get coffee or something. Thank you for commenting! :)


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