Monday, July 25, 2016

Beach Essential List & More

Ok. So that pose did not give off the vibe I was going for. Is that a miniature golf club or a cane? But when it's hot as blazes, you take whatever pics you can get out of hubby, right?  And I need to remind myself that our outings are for family time and not blog time. However, there is no time for extra blogging jaunts, so if I want to a blog it, must coexist with daily life. To work harmoniously, the blog pics need to be done at the start and then forgotten about. Any other bloggers struggle with this?

Back to Florida. Back to miniature golf...While our putt putt adventure was mind numbingly hot, I was thankful for a hat to shield my face and eyes. 

This is me roasting. Not pondering life...

At this point, we are past delirious. Is that cool, refreshing waterfall for "golfers" to take a quick dip in??

Loving the mix of metals with Down to Earth 3-in-1 necklace and Jane earrings by Premier

Outfit Breakdown:
Hat: GAP
White Tee: Target
Jean Shorts: OLD
Sandals: Local Boutique
Jewelry: Premiere (online catalog)
Now let's talk Beach Essentials. We all have our own unique list of beach essentials, right? Of course, some items are similar; bathing suit, coverup, towel sunscreen, beach chair, but others are more elaborate. Their list may include a canopy tent, bocce ball, volleyball set up, baby pools, a cot (yes, I saw one), etc. Gone are the days of water, baby oil, radio and a towel.  People basically camp out for the day on the beach and bring the entire sporting goods section.  

Admittedly, we had a canopy tent and loved it. We like to get out of the sun if we plan on hanging out for more than a couple hours. Do we love hauling all that gear down and loading it back up? No, but we must think it's worth it. 

Now, I'll spare you the long list that seems to change year to year (Goodbye swim diapers, puddle jumpers, life vests!), and focus on my personal essentials for 2016.

They are as follows:
  1. Play bathing suit. I like to get out into the waves, body surf, etc. The younger boys want me to get down in the sand and build sand castles with them. My swimsuit needs to keep the "girls" in and the bootie covered. 
  2. Cute, flattering one piece
  3. Two Piece, bring on the sun!
  4. Hats. Beach hair don't care, but I still need a hat.
  5. Jean cut off shorts and a white tee. You're at the beach. Seriously.
  6. Flowy Dress
  7. Nuetral Sandals (pictured in outfit above and below)
  8. Walking Shoes
  9. One set of earth tone Jewelry accessories
  10. One set of silver jewelry accessories

Get Out & Play

This is the best bathing suit! I found it at Khol's 4 years ago and I'm very excited to see they have updated versions onsale right now! You can do just about anything in this swimsuit.  I go from beach to pool and never feel like I need a cover up when I'm wearing this one. It's clothes on the beach, but not cumbersome. And it's flattering. Need I say more?? 

Flattering One Piece

I'm sad to say that I cannot find a counterpart to this one. I wanted another myself!

Two Piece, Bring on the Sun

Found at Dilliard's clearance sale

Jewelry Essentials

Earth Tones
Alex and Ani, Desert Diva by Premier, Jane earrings by Premier, Down to Earth by Premier Designs

Keep it Personal Charm Necklace, It's a Wrap Bracelet, Hoops by Premier Designs

Hats, Dress, & Walking shoes

Even at night I wear hats

Flowy, comfortable dress

Sketchers GogaMat Walkers Rack Room Shoes
Well, that's plenty for today folks. I mean, did you even have time to read all this?? And if you did, you must know how curious I am to know your beach essentials. Please share.

I close with a pic of our family leaning towards our first born, who pulled awkwardly away from his weird parents...

We're happy. Most days. :)



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Walking Shoes & Boyfriend Shorts

Hello. From where I sit this morning I can hear the consistent crash of wave upon shoreline; I can't see it, but I can hear it. Well, if I stand on my tip toes and crane my neck, I can just make out the beach horizon.   I was tempted to take this portable office down to the beach, but common sense ruled as I thought about all the sand my notebook would come home with. So, I content myself with sound and let my imagination do the rest.
This week is our last hurrah before it's time to prepare for school schedules and I couldn't be more bummed. Good thing my boys are asleep right now, or I'd be squeezing them till they could hardly breathe. I'm not ready for them to move onto the next level! Is this a downer? I agree. Let's talk about something else, like shoes.
Comfortable, yoga mat cushion technology, go with anything, Sketchers walking shoes.
That feels better doesn't it? Shoes and the health of our feet and legs. These shoes were purchased in Spring and are holding up well. I love the comfortable "gogaMat", shock absorbing technology. In other words, you feel as if you're walking around on a yoga mat all day.

What's your go to pair of casual shoes? A sneaker? A sandal? Dare I say, flip flops? I'm trying to take a little better care of my feet and legs here lately. Does that have to mean sacrificing cuteness?? Oh dear, I hope not!

And while we're talking about comfort, I must mention these boyfriend shorts. Also comfortable.  I wore this get up to scope out the small town of Ponce Inlet, Florida. 

I love the bright colors of beach towns and couldn't resist pestering hubby for some pictures by a couple benches. (Totally worth all the eye rolling.)

Outfit Breakdown:
Fedora: Khols (EXACT)
Striped Tee: Target (similar)
Shorts: GAP (older)
Bracelets: It's A Wrap & Spiffy by Premier Designs

Here's the Shoes with another outfit...perfect for running errands.

So what's your casual shoe of choice?

Have a fabulous day and let's enjoy the time left of summer. :)


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Monday, July 18, 2016

Dresses for Beach Town

Who doesn't enjoy walking down a path surrounds by trees? I find it superbly peaceful, as well as several degrees cooler. We should line our driveway with tress so I can experience this on a daily basis.  Until then, I will find delight in the labors of others; like this path, which eventually leads out to beach access, my absolute favorite.

My family and I are grabbing our last bits of beach rays for this year and I'm taking full advantage of the opportunity to wear a few dresses.

This particular dress was given to me by a friend, who just cleaned out her closet and the timing couldn't be better.

It was simple to style with my latest sandals and bracelet. 

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress: Friend's Closet (But if you love this COLOR...)
Sandals: Clothes Mentor (Target in "Brown")
Bracelets: Desert Diva by Premiere (Catalog & My online page) & Beads: Gift

Traditional Family Brunch - Aunt Catfish

I close with a few pictures from our Sunday brunch buffet at Aunt Catfish. Yesterday's outing brought on nostalgia, as I recalled our first visit to this restaurant when the boys were 7, 5, and 2 months old. A lot's changed since then. Ethan and Collin are big enough to dish out their own food AND help their younger brothers get theirs. Our parenting is complete. ;) (Aunt Catfish is known for their chocolate fountain and these fabulous cinnamon rolls!)

Do you have a special place you frequent??

That's all for today friends. I hope you are enjoying your last bits of summer!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Outdoor Adventures: Time for New Trail Shoes

In a world full of endless electronic entertainment, I find it challenging to get our boys outside (and myself at times). There are few kids in the neighborhood, leaving very little draw to the world around us. Never mind that there are four of them to use their imagination with!

Perhaps I should intervene. Georgia has great parks and hiking, maybe we need to start using them.

Last summer my two eldest boys were in cross country, so I started by taking all four of them to the park to run 1 mile. Easy for the big boys. Tough for the younger boys...and me. No one likes these mandatory trips, but I'm glad I stuck with it because even when they returned to school I continued going until the cold weather returned.

We would pack nothing but water and head out to do our mile walk/run.

"My life is not walking and running, mom!" said my then 6 year old, Evan, who brought up the rear every time.

But my other younger child surprised me with his effort to keep up with the big brothers.

This year I fully intended to renew our running tradition again, but things change, don't they? Both boys are no longer in cross country. One decided to go with football and for some reason it throws me off. However, I still need to look for ways to keep our family outdoors some!  Not just for the sole purpose of exercise, but our household bonds better when we get out and move. If we stay home the temptation to do our own thing usually wins out. Each one to their own electronic device or a spot in front of the television.

So we must leave. Of course there is swimming, plenty of swimming at various "borrowed" pools.

But I wanted to add another activity, because like anything else our boys get bored of swimming. Spoiled. We are so spoiled. How about hiking? Since we live less than an hour from one of biggest tourist attractions in Georgia, Stone Mountain, which has a 1/2 mile hike up, we decided to start there.

My husband and I planned a test trip to see how we'd fare. We learned two things that day.
  1. We are both cardiovascularly challenged.
  2. My hiking shoes of 16 years, needed to be replaced. Going back down was a little slippery.
I recalled my 7 year old's lament: "my life is not walking and running". He and I share in the art of drama. Here's a silly clip we made once we peaked the "mountain".

Oh we would be hiking up that mountain again. And I'd be ready for it, starting with the proper shoes.   REI kindly informed me of their anniversary sale, so we loaded up the van and went shopping.  After trying on many pairs of boots and trail runners, while peppering the seasoned hiker and REI rep with tons of questions, I chose the trail running shoes over hiking boots. I don't foresee too many adventures during the cold weather season.  I also went for the biciclying socks over the hiking socks because of vanity. Pure vanity.  The REI rep assured me that I would love this brand of hiking socks. "You don't even need liners with these." However, she did advise me to get the hiking style. Vanity.

Introducing my new Salomon trail runners and amazing socks, by Darn Tough, I found...

Now that footwear is accomplished, we just needed a date on the calendar.  And why not add some friends to ensure less complaints from our boys?

The day arrived and we took to the hills. Glen and I did fine, though it was still a challenge. My trail runners were great. I confidently scaled up and down without fear of slipping. Even after hiking another trail, the shoes felt great. However, I would advise against the lower cut socks if you're shoes comes up high in the back. Probably should have gone with the crew socks as advised. (Vanity.)

How did the boys do? The big boys lept from rock to rock, ran some, etc. The younger guys struggled. One laid out in the middle of the trail and rolled around, groaning as other hikers stepped around him.  (Note: he is our dramatic child.) With the top of the mountain just a few yards away we were able to encourage him to move on.  Once we made it, we all sucked down water and gained a burst of energy.

We see you Atlanta!

Child on the right...his life is not walking and running

Now we just need another outing on the calendar. Let's get out and move! What do you do to stay active?


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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An Unlikely Getup

"Reality has limits, Imagination is Boundless"

This outfit is so fun and suits the necklace perfectly. "Reality has limits, imagination is boundless". How true that is!  For me, this was an unlikely get up that required a little extra dose of imagination. The necklace (surprise gift from an encouraging friend), earrings and cuff complimented the off white of the overlay, and even the small amount found in the leggings. The final pull together came from the shoes. It feels good to sport a zany, out of the ordinary ensemble every once in a while.

And allow me to briefly expound on this necklace. It's adorable, but the best part about it, is the origin. A few friends traveled down to a special market (Made South), featuring tons of vendors. I was able to join them due to another commitment, but this souvenir was brought back for me.

Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Sleeveless: WHBM
Lace Sleeveless Overlay: Altar'd State 
Leggings: LuLaRoe (Kara Leary)
Shoes: Clothes Mentor Find
Necklace: Gift

Would you wear off-white/creme over white??

Each morning they hosted coffee and breakfast for any parents dropping off their kiddos. This is where I had the privilege to help. I loved getting to meet the parents in our community and see them talk amongst themselves. Know what else I loved? An opportunity to show off this fabulous character theme apron! Here I am taking full advantage of a chance to pose with the "Bucket Head Bandits". That one kissing my head is my husband, so no worries there.

The Bucket Head Bandits - KFC Bucket, Darth Bucket & Ace Bucket (it's from Ace Hardware)

Meet our Parent Breakfast Team (sans one), headed up by one smart cookie and friend, Heather (on the left).
Superwoman and Superman Aprons ($14 for the pair on Amazon!)

What better place to sport a fun, out of the ordinary outfit than this?? 

I close today with a link to one of the videos featuring the Bucket Head Bandits. Watch and be entertained. Bucket Head Bandits

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