Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An Unlikely Getup

"Reality has limits, Imagination is Boundless"

This outfit is so fun and suits the necklace perfectly. "Reality has limits, imagination is boundless". How true that is!  For me, this was an unlikely get up that required a little extra dose of imagination. The necklace (surprise gift from an encouraging friend), earrings and cuff complimented the off white of the overlay, and even the small amount found in the leggings. The final pull together came from the shoes. It feels good to sport a zany, out of the ordinary ensemble every once in a while.

And allow me to briefly expound on this necklace. It's adorable, but the best part about it, is the origin. A few friends traveled down to a special market (Made South), featuring tons of vendors. I was able to join them due to another commitment, but this souvenir was brought back for me.

Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Sleeveless: WHBM
Lace Sleeveless Overlay: Altar'd State 
Leggings: LuLaRoe (Kara Leary)
Shoes: Clothes Mentor Find
Necklace: Gift

Would you wear off-white/creme over white??

Each morning they hosted coffee and breakfast for any parents dropping off their kiddos. This is where I had the privilege to help. I loved getting to meet the parents in our community and see them talk amongst themselves. Know what else I loved? An opportunity to show off this fabulous character theme apron! Here I am taking full advantage of a chance to pose with the "Bucket Head Bandits". That one kissing my head is my husband, so no worries there.

The Bucket Head Bandits - KFC Bucket, Darth Bucket & Ace Bucket (it's from Ace Hardware)

Meet our Parent Breakfast Team (sans one), headed up by one smart cookie and friend, Heather (on the left).
Superwoman and Superman Aprons ($14 for the pair on Amazon!)

What better place to sport a fun, out of the ordinary outfit than this?? 

I close today with a link to one of the videos featuring the Bucket Head Bandits. Watch and be entertained. Bucket Head Bandits



  1. I LOVE this look!! Those leggings are the cutest!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you! I could see where folks get addicted to all acquiring more and more prints.

  2. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

    1. Thank you for hosting! And I love that you've organized several link ups for bloggers looking to "meet" other bloggers.


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