Monday, July 25, 2016

Beach Essential List & More

Ok. So that pose did not give off the vibe I was going for. Is that a miniature golf club or a cane? But when it's hot as blazes, you take whatever pics you can get out of hubby, right?  And I need to remind myself that our outings are for family time and not blog time. However, there is no time for extra blogging jaunts, so if I want to a blog it, must coexist with daily life. To work harmoniously, the blog pics need to be done at the start and then forgotten about. Any other bloggers struggle with this?

Back to Florida. Back to miniature golf...While our putt putt adventure was mind numbingly hot, I was thankful for a hat to shield my face and eyes. 

This is me roasting. Not pondering life...

At this point, we are past delirious. Is that cool, refreshing waterfall for "golfers" to take a quick dip in??

Loving the mix of metals with Down to Earth 3-in-1 necklace and Jane earrings by Premier

Outfit Breakdown:
Hat: GAP
White Tee: Target
Jean Shorts: OLD
Sandals: Local Boutique
Jewelry: Premiere (online catalog)
Now let's talk Beach Essentials. We all have our own unique list of beach essentials, right? Of course, some items are similar; bathing suit, coverup, towel sunscreen, beach chair, but others are more elaborate. Their list may include a canopy tent, bocce ball, volleyball set up, baby pools, a cot (yes, I saw one), etc. Gone are the days of water, baby oil, radio and a towel.  People basically camp out for the day on the beach and bring the entire sporting goods section.  

Admittedly, we had a canopy tent and loved it. We like to get out of the sun if we plan on hanging out for more than a couple hours. Do we love hauling all that gear down and loading it back up? No, but we must think it's worth it. 

Now, I'll spare you the long list that seems to change year to year (Goodbye swim diapers, puddle jumpers, life vests!), and focus on my personal essentials for 2016.

They are as follows:
  1. Play bathing suit. I like to get out into the waves, body surf, etc. The younger boys want me to get down in the sand and build sand castles with them. My swimsuit needs to keep the "girls" in and the bootie covered. 
  2. Cute, flattering one piece
  3. Two Piece, bring on the sun!
  4. Hats. Beach hair don't care, but I still need a hat.
  5. Jean cut off shorts and a white tee. You're at the beach. Seriously.
  6. Flowy Dress
  7. Nuetral Sandals (pictured in outfit above and below)
  8. Walking Shoes
  9. One set of earth tone Jewelry accessories
  10. One set of silver jewelry accessories

Get Out & Play

This is the best bathing suit! I found it at Khol's 4 years ago and I'm very excited to see they have updated versions onsale right now! You can do just about anything in this swimsuit.  I go from beach to pool and never feel like I need a cover up when I'm wearing this one. It's clothes on the beach, but not cumbersome. And it's flattering. Need I say more?? 

Flattering One Piece

I'm sad to say that I cannot find a counterpart to this one. I wanted another myself!

Two Piece, Bring on the Sun

Found at Dilliard's clearance sale

Jewelry Essentials

Earth Tones
Alex and Ani, Desert Diva by Premier, Jane earrings by Premier, Down to Earth by Premier Designs

Keep it Personal Charm Necklace, It's a Wrap Bracelet, Hoops by Premier Designs

Hats, Dress, & Walking shoes

Even at night I wear hats

Flowy, comfortable dress

Sketchers GogaMat Walkers Rack Room Shoes
Well, that's plenty for today folks. I mean, did you even have time to read all this?? And if you did, you must know how curious I am to know your beach essentials. Please share.

I close with a pic of our family leaning towards our first born, who pulled awkwardly away from his weird parents...

We're happy. Most days. :)



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