Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boot Cut Jeans & Fall Fun

Girl, you aint cool...

You loving my back drop? The camper and the property is not ours, but I love being a wierdo wherever I go so I had my middle son snap pictures of me while I was picking up eggs from a neighbor.

Forget about how I'm a wierdo (if you can) and just look at the outfit. It will go down in my fav category.   What's fun about this one? Aside from the fall colors and the fringe vest, I like how the accessories pull everything together. Being that I'm equipped with little attention to detail, I have to work at the finishing touches that extras bring.  Thus I get excited when my bag, shoes and necklace pull an outfit together. I think it's accidental!! ;)

But seriously, I feel like if you have a great pair of denim jeans, a solid shirt and complimenting accessories you are good to go. Invest in a pair of jeans that fit you right, some solid tops and the finish touches that suit your style.  This approach will simplify your fashion life. I can go all crazy when I have more time in my schedule, but this is my get ready on the fly approach to style.

Outfit Breakdown:

Top & Vest: Marissa Jill Local Boutique
Booties: Clarks clearance
Bag: Target (gift)

****Extra Fall Fun****

Hello Fall! Well, sort of. This part of Georgia is now experiencing crisp, cool mornings that turn into the mid 80's by early afternoon. I'll take it! My eldest started complaining that it was October and we had yet to put out fall decorations. Well, this weekend the calendar was open and the weather was right, so we drug out those decorations and even painted our deck and the boys's very fort, while adding some extra fun with a slide and more climbing options.

In the evening it cooled down enough for a fire and we set up the boys tent so they could camp out. I hope I'll remember how they drudged in and out of the house carrying pillows, blankets and dozens of stuffed animals. They were so cute and I hung out in their tent for as long as I could before the incessant squirming and excited kicking drove me out. A girl needs her sleep!

Yard improvements, comfortable weather, bonfires and hanging outside are just a few of the things I love about fall. What are some of your favorite fall past times? Do you like to campout? We like to campout but our schedule has been to full to go away. I think we should change that!

Of course another aspect I love about the fall is the clothing change, which brings me to my outfit for today.  Give me soft denim jeans and cozy layers please!  

That's all for today my reader friends. :)




  1. I promise I'm only looking at your CUTE outfit and not the camper!! Lol. You look so cute, I need that cozy vest in my life!!!

    1. Haha! Thank you Andrea. :) And the vest is definitely cozy. It's finally cooling down enough here the south to make use of it!

  2. Love the outfit (and that you referred to yourself as a weirdo). Lol, I thought I was the only person who did that! :)

  3. I love it that you let your inner weirdo fly free and the cool vest isn't half bad either. Thanks for adding your style flair to the My Refined Style Fashion Over 40 Linkup!



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