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Inspirational People & Tradition

Hello my reader friends! I hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving full of quality time spent with loved ones. To close out this holiday week I thought it would be an appropriate time to write about someone I'm thankful for and inspired by. I'm inspired by my mom and her courageous, unrelenting spirit; my sister and her loyalty, quiet strength and many talents. I'm inspired by friends who sacrifice for their families, encourage others and work so very hard. Yes, I'm inspired by many, but since this week was spent in the company of my mother in law and she shares my interest in fashion, I'll start with her for today...

I remember one of the first articles of clothing I received from my MIL, Karen (Mom Rowden), over 16 years ago.  My hubby and I were just engaged and his parents were down visiting to help with wedding preparations. She handed me a box and to my surprise, I discovered some lingerie. Quickly, she referred to it as "attractive, but still comfortable" lingerie for our soon to be wedded bliss. Of course it was tasteful. That is my MIL. Classy, tasteful and stylish. And NO, I am not about to do a feature on lingerie so don't panic.  

I'd like to think that with research and practice my sense of style continues to improve, but this fashion journey I'm on began with her. Over the years she has blessed me with tokens of fashion and many shopping trips together.  Of course she has given so much more, but I will save that for another post. :) 

Let's take a moment here. This picture, from my early years of bloggerdom, is straight up hilarious, but Mom Rowden was a good sport to go along with it.  She had purchased a pair of these shoes for each of us at WHBM, so we (I) decided that we had to have a photo. I still have these shoes!

Now let's hit the fast forward button on time here --->>>>>>>> 

The parents come to town for a visit right around my birthday. The boys were in school and the guys were invited out to go do guy stuff. We took the opportunity to go do girl stuff and she spoiled me.  This doesn't happen each visit and I don't expect it so it is always a nice surprise. Being a mom of boys, I thoroughly enjoyed an enthusiastic shopping buddy!

"These shoes, or these shoes?" 
"How do these pants look on me? Doesn't make my butt look flat, right?"

Now we fast forward to Thanksgiving week---->>>>>>>>>>

Every Thanksgiving we load up our family of 6 and head to Thanksgiving. The kids begin their countdown as soon as November begins. They love time with their cousins, fishing with grandpa, playing at the park and our early Christmas. It's tradition. The heartwarming, sweet tradition that draws family together.

The girls have a special tradition. Mom Rowden takes us clothes shopping! This is one of the best times of the year to shop for clothes. Stores have 40%  This is our system...we play in knick-knack patty wack type stores (like the Mole Hole) and chuckle at all the written signs or hand towels.

This is totally me

Then we move onto stores like the GAP,  the Limited and then the LOFT, WHBM and even Soma, the lingerie store for maybe a new bra or two. Each year is a productive year, with finds for all, but it's also a special time. The daughters are treated and spoiled, but the fun banter; the chatter; the laughs at a preposterous style that none of us would wear; and the quality time together is medicine for the soul.

Here are a few pics from our adventure...

GAP for Athleisure...

The Limited for Sweaters and Vests...

Talbots was a win for Debbie, my SIL...

A couple of my finds from the day...

I'm very thankful for a mother in law who loves the Lord, loves me and teaches me about fashion, entertaining, servanthood, and dedication! She is an inspiration. )

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. Miss you! And I'm definitely inspired by you!! Xoxoxo

  2. How precious is Mama Rowden. You and she botb are inspirations!! Love those red shoes!

    1. Thank you! You are always an encouragement. :)


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