Thursday, November 17, 2016

Olive Green & Comfy Jeans

Hello my reader friends. Today's outfit had so much promise... Trending colors. Trendy style. Not to mention the beautiful olive green color and the soft, cozy textures found in the top and vest. This ensemble felt like a winner for sure. But one must remember that when you're in a hurry, there is risk involved. You may not notice how prominent your bra lines are!

"Gee Chrissy, what fabulous bra lines you have!"

The soft, enticing turtleneck mocked me and my choice of bra. But really, IS there a bra that would not show through this fabric?  Outfit fail. Well, this chico's turtleneck was a $6 purchase, recently acquired from an adventure I took with a friend of mine at Chico's Warehouse. Only those with employee connections may shop in the warehouse. It's who you know, right?

Anyway, there are quite a few racks, brimming with styles that make you question how long they've been hanging in storage. Ten years? Maybe twenty? But with a little digging you may find some great deals, especially on the shoes. I found and purchased 4 pairs of WHBM shoes for $6 a pair. They are not practical, but I couldn't pass up the price. I'll be sharing those in another post.

Now let's move on to the olive green vest, which has turned out to be a little controversial. I mean this vest gets a lot of response.   Some love it. They "ouu" and "ahh" over how soft and cute it is. But there are know who you are. ;)

First humorous remark.

"Chrissy, did you steal part of Glen's ghillie suit?!" 

In case you're wondering, this is a ghillie suit...

Haha! You have to laugh. I can totally see where the guy was coming from. I live in hunting country for sure.

Next comment, said by more than one person.

"Chrissy, did you take John the Baptist's vest?" 

In case you need a visual of the camel hair vest of John the Baptist...

Wow. It's close, right?!

Just the same, this vest is getting a lot of wear this fall season and will continue to do so. But I'm curious. Are you on team "ghillie" or team "John the Baptist"?? Do you have any secrets to camouflaging bra lines to share??

As for the jeans, they are so comfortable. If you don't have a boutique nearby that carries Judy Blue maybe try ordering directly from their website. 

Outfit Breakdown:

Turtleneck: Chico's Warehouse (only those with connections. wink, wink)
John the Baptist/Ghillie Suit Vest: Marissa Jill's Boutique 
Jeans: Judy Blue, Marissa Jill's Boutique
Shoes: Target clearance - old, Fun Option!
Belt: GAP - old
Necklace: Phoenix by Premier Designs, Christmas Collection!
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Here are a couple more outfits that I threw together over the past week.

Camo Pants & 3 Quarter Length Sleeve...Off to Church

Outfit Breakdown:
Sweatshirt: LOFT (old)
Camo Pants: LOFT (last year's clearance)
Booties: Clark's ON SALE!
Bracelets: Leather Wrap by Curry and Curry Innovations, Pop of Posh by Premier Designs

And this cutie snapped my picture real quick during band practice. Meet Amelia, our sweet keyboard player.

Bright Red Leggings - off to run errands

Outfit Breakdown:

Shoes: Vans
Backpack Purse: Clarks

Have a wonderful week my friends!



  1. Haha, this olive green vest is so fun!

    And I love your leggings in the last look- bright leggings are the best!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to wearing some oversized, cozy sweaters with these leggings! Oh and boots. :)

  2. You are seriously so beautiful! I love your vest in your top look, and those bright leggings are fantastic!

    xx, Elise

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you! :) I need to get an oversized, comfy sweater to go with these.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great look!

  4. THank you for stopping by my blog! Love your outfits!!! that vest is so cute!


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