Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Racerback Tank, Green Denim

Hello! Today we are back to Splat bakery, but before you raise your brow I will tell you it was not I who suggested that we meet there. I'll go more into that in just a moment, but first let's talk about these jeans again. How often do I wear these?? It may be two or three times a week. They are officially my go to pants, in spite of the summer rays. It matters not that they are obvious because their comfort means more to me than the populace growing weary of seeing them. lol.

As far as the racerback tank is concerned, I've owned this top for a couple of years now and it seemed  fitting to pair them together. Add a few bracelets, my $5 black sandals from Nordstrom Rack and my black bag and I was ready to go. Only the necklace and the ring are new additions to my closet.

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: OLD/Green Denim:Marisa Jill's Boutique/Shoes: Nordstrom Rack/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Now let's get back to why I'm taking you back to SPLAT!. About two years ago I met up with a couple ladies for a pool day with our children.  Rain clouds settled over above, quickly followed by the rain forcing our party indoors. Before we knew it the topic of conversation turned to life with teenagers. At the time my first born was 13 so I was brand new to the teen scene. However, my friends already had a few years experience under their belts. I peppered them with lots of questions, shared scenarios and even some struggles.  The afternoon left refreshed me with an extra dose of "you're normal and not the only one..."

Fast forward those two years, and though I can count on one hand the number of times I texted these two ladies for "help! I need encouragement!", they were always quick to respond. Then it occurred to us. Why don't we get a small group together, to encourage, inspire and uplift each other?

One sentence led to another and before we knew it, we had a date on the calendar to meet up at the local bakery. What fun! I left thinking about areas where I may need to let up on my teens, as well as areas where I should probably reign it in some. However, the biggest sentiment I went with is that I'm not alone. I don't have to do this alone. Another important thought I went home with is I don't have to wait for someone else to include me in their group. If I need some encouraging, I should just ask. More likely than not, they could use the encouragement as well.  Don't forget to include those that are where you are, as well as those who have a some experience; ones that have been there and done that. I know that seems obvious, but just in case! ;)

Now before I close, here was the FREE cupcake for the day...It went to Heather, who had celebrated her birthday the day before

***24 Carrot***

Heather, me, Jen, Kim, Amy, Jennifer

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Thank you for reading my friends!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Red, White & Cognac

Outfit Breakdown:
Top, Dress and Shoes are all second hand or castoffs from friends!
Headband is a gift from Romania
Jewelry: Blanca Necklace, Dessert Diva Bracelet and Cleo Earrings by Premier Designs

Hello! What are you doing this Holiday? What are you wearing? ;) The outfit in these pics came together quickly, but it was built from the hair down. I don't think this is the first time I tried to put an ensemble together to make a hat or hair accessory work. Have you done this? It all started when I ran all four boys to get their hair cut and the sweet stylist noticed me struggling with my hairband. 

"Would you like me to show you how I style my hair with those? "

"Of course!"

She finished up the boys and then proceeded to help me get my short, layered hair tucked in and rolled around this head scarf. 
I watched her start at the side of my head with a small section of hair, tuck it into the scarf and then wrap it around. She repeated this until she got to the center of the back of my head and then went to the other side, where she repeated her first steps. Once she got back to the center she pinned the remaining two strands together in the back. 
I liked the final result and knew that even though I had to change for a party later that evening, I would find a way to make whatever I wore work with this band!

I got home and started digging until I happened upon this dress, passed on to me by a friend last year. I've yet to wear it but today was going to be the day.  Add a few accessories and i was ready to go celebrate this talented cutie.

Hannah is a high schooler no more! She has accompanied me with guitar and voice on many occasions, but I've lost count of the many times I've accompanied her with back up vocals! What a sweet privilege to be a small part of her full life.

I guess I should get her a cupcake one of these days. ;)


Now let's talk about these pics...Don't I look tired? Some may say haggard? I will be honest and say a little drained and I should have slapped some color on my eyes!! I have a penchant for filling up my schedule with STUFF, adding on more errands than necessary, commitments, etc while my usual responsibilities need tending to. I'll go to bed late knowing that my inner alarm clock has no concept of sleeping in. What does all this STUFF with little sleep add up to? A weepy, negative, overly sensitive and withdrawn downer of a gal.

By now I've learned that what I'm feeling and thinking on those days is not to be listened to! Ignore the lies and the garbage. I appreciate my husband, who has learned to just listen on those days. He will remind me of what's true, but mostly he will listen. And that's what I need.  

Another gift he will give me, is time to myself by entertaining the boys. I read my first fiction book of the year this weekend! I was desperate and texted a friend, who happened to have Beth Moore's first fiction novel (The Undoing Of St Silvanus) on hand. It only took a couple chapters before I was drawn into the plot thickened with mystery and even a little suspense.  I enjoy both! Good job Beth Moore!

The book was a fun escape and the weather a perfect companion with light breezes while I lazed in the hammock or sat outside the bakery (yes SPLAT cakes again!) in the shade. I will still have to deal with little hurts, disappointments, etc but for that I go to my heavenly Father. I listen to praise music, read my Bible and remind myself that He is in control of it all, He loves me unconditionally and always has a plan! 

Truth! Truth! Truth!
"But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth." Ps 86:15
"Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you." I Peter 5:7

I leave you with final thoughts of this Chocoholic cupcake from SPLAT (click here if you have read the latest in my cupcake adventures), after all chocolate soothes a weary gal as well, right?! ;) But this puppy was actually dropped off at a neighbors by the cutest delivery buddy ever!

"Congrats on Your New Business Venture" Delivery 

Also included in this week's cupcake runs was a "Here Comes the Bride" cupcake. No she wasn't getting married, but she does love the movie "The Princess Bride" so why not??

Happy Belated Birthday to Stacey!

That's probably more than most will read for today, so I better end now and get this present day going.  My hopes for the summer are to get more leisure reading done, more cupcakes delivered and more songs added to my limited guitar playing repertoire. How about you?


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jumpsuit: Take 2 Navy & Hat

It was the last day of 2nd grade for my youngest boys!! How did we get here? And since I'm determined to find a style that suits me in this jump suit (no pun intended), I bring you Take 2!  In fact, I'm wearing this baby right now - without the extra layer. Wohoo! I look forward to sharing how that turned out with you soon. (Though I will give you a break and post some other outfits in between.)

This ensemble came together when I decided the hair was beyond saving and only a hat would work. I like the way the greens complemented each other, while the navy brand pulled the outfit together. The rest was a quick pull of accessories and I was ready to go.

 Outfit Breakdown
Jumpsuit: GAP/Button Up: LOFT(Old)/Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Are you seeing a pattern here?)/Purse: Amazon/Jewelry: Premier Designs (yet another pattern)

Again, the jumpsuit is so comfortable. Again, I fight with the top portion continues. Do I want to show breasts? Do I want to show braw straps? Neigh, I say!

Here's another peek at Style 1...

Which one is your favorite??

Cupcake Adventures With Splat Cakes N Such

There was no question as to who would get my free cupcake today! This sweet teacher just completed her first year of teaching and she did a fabulous job. My boys loved her and she was patient, kind and motivating.  I had to bring a few extras for those others who played a role in making our life richer at AES.

Today's cupcake of choice was called Black-N-Tan, which is the chocolate version of the their Salted Carmel. I grabbed a few extra for those who added to Evan and Caden's success at the school. ;)

The madness behind the cupcakes.  In review, I won an entry for a free cupcake a day for an entire year. What are the terms? I have to show up in person to collect, but when I do I have the pleasure of spending time with the sweet owners of the bakery and, of course, my pick of any of their fabulous cupcakes.

What am I doing with these cupcakes? I give most of them away. Oh yes. There is so much fun to be had in surprising folks with a tasty treat. Now.  I feel I do need to taste some of these delectables in order to give my honest review. Wink. Wink. But in all serious, when someone asked me what my favorite was I gave them a blank stare, as I had only been in the shop twice before my winnings?

How do I Decide on who gets the cupcake?  Well big, special days like birthdays, graduations, successful plays, etc make the choice easy! The rest depends on where I'll be on that particular day. As over the top as this may seem, I'm praying about ways I can bless others with this. If the adventure ended tomorrow, I'd be sad!

Random Silliness...

It's hard to believe another year is over. 

More adventures to come!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Jumpsuit Love & Trials: Take 1

Hello! Today I'm chatting about the trials that come with top designs that aren't made for wearing a real bra.  I own a few racerback tanks that simply need a racerback bra, so when I found this jumpsuit, with a racerback cut at Gap off their clearance rack (of course!!), I didn't anticipate any trouble.   I loved the color and the fabric felt soft and light. Already my head filled with visions of gliding around in my comfy, trendy jumpsuit. Danger. I was sold.

Reality! No matter how much I fidgeted with the straps of my racerback bra, those nude things glared at me out of the back of this suit. And then there is the low cut front. How did I miss that when I tried it on? I was bewitched by the softness!  Having already committed to wearing it that morning, I reached for a cami to hide cleavage and a vest to hide my ugly bra straps. It would be cold in the A/C anyway, so I was good for now. On a side note,  I did see a young lady wearing a dress with this particular cut in the front and sides and she was obviously not wearing a bra. The edges of her lovely, pert breasts were completely exposed.  I don't think this is an option for me.

So what to do? Maybe a bandeau in the same color??

I've already styled this jumpsuit again, however it's still contains a top layer, which I'll share in my next post.

In the meantime, how would you overcome this issue?

Outfit Breakdown:
Jumpsuit: GAP/Fringe Vest: LOFT/Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Old)/Purse: Amazon/Necklace: Premier Designs

 Cupcake Adventures Continue...

Can I tell you how much of an adventure this truly is for me? I never know what friends I may see when I drop in and the owners are the sweetest people. Now I look forward to visiting them as much as I enjoy delivering my free cupcake to unsuspecting friends. Seriously, Monica, one of the owners. She gets me.  One day my Snapchat and Instagram stories consisted of me acting as if I was on the cheers sitcom. I ordered a coffee on the rocks and she slid my coffee down the bar.  Dorky, but I don't care. I couldn't stop laughing and I loved that she enjoyed playing along.

Of course I had to take my mom to Splat Cakes n' Such for Mother's Day!

She ordered the Chocolate Explosion. Sorry no pics there. Just us two lovely ladies. ;)

Tiramisu for my friend Mandy on her birthday.

Doesn't this cupcake look beautiful?? I did a sneaky drop off for the tiramisu and prayed my friend would be home in time to enjoy it before it started baking for the second time!

This was another home drop off, where I was greeted by their friendly, albeit ginormous dog. There would be no leaving this cupcake to end up as a doggy treat. I had to ring the bell this go round.

The cupcake adventures continue and I am loving every minute of them!!

Thank you for reading friends!



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hubby Fave & New Statement Piece

Maybe I should put a plant on that hook? 

In the midst of my usual running around, I stopped in to see my husband at work last week. He greeted me extra enthusiasm.

"Hey, honey. You look extra beautiful today!"

Me: Really? (What did I do different?)

Hubby: "I just really like that outfit." (I threw on jeans and a tank, but I'll take it.)

I don't know why I'm surprised at how different our tastes are at times (we are two different folks). Not that I dislike this outfit, but I've styled others I've enjoyed more and received less enthusiasm. I guess he is a simple jeans and top kind of guy. That will work for me, but looks like I'm doing all this extra styling for my friends!

Anyway, with the temps hitting the 90's, I forced myself to begin the task of pulling out seasonal clothes from the building (just not my favorite). My clothes are easy, as I've cleaned out most of what I don't wear on a regular basis. I actually like seeing the forgotten clothes, especially if I stowed away some new pieces from clearance sales. The boys' clothes are a disorganized girl's nightmare. So we will leave that thought right there.

All that being said, I realized I need new tanks/tees! This nice fitting, good condition tank top is now special and therefore deserving of fabulous accessories. ;) Here's a task I don't mind doing. Hehe.

What's your favorite way to snazz up a basic tee and blue jeans?

Outfit Breakdown:

Tank: Loft (old)/Denim: Altar'd State/Wedges: Loft (Old)/Purse: Vince Camuto (Similar)/Accessories: Premier

Linking up with Who's Wearing What WednesdayHigh Latitude StyleElegance and Mommyhood

Before I close, I leave you with the cupcake I ate from Splat Cakes N Such. (Click HERE if you don't know what's up with cakes.) Yes! I actually ate one and it was scrumptious. No regrets. However, I find more thrill in the adventures of gifting my cupcakes more! The downside of seeing them on a regular basis, is I've starting craving them. For that reason, I'm going to consume 1 a week. I mean, I need to be able to tell the people what these flavors taste like! ;)

Glen is cutting out sugar entirely for the month of May, so he went with a straight up iced coffee.

Cupcake Datenight

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White & Chambray

Hello! What is your spring looking like right now? We are having beautiful spring mornings here in Georgia as of late. I love it. Especially if there's time to savor it; coffee, music, reading, deep breaths and even closet play.   But these kind of mornings are a rare commodity; to be treasured and appreciated. More often than not, it's a challenge to get out the door on time.  And when my creativity is tapped out, I resort to the "same-same-different" approach. It's my fast and easy emergency plan.

For this hectic morning I chose white fare jeans, a white burnout top and a chambray blazer. Same-Same-Different!

(Excuse my hot mess of a hair. This was taken after a full day of humidity exposure.)

All that was left for me to do was accessorize, which is my biggest style challenge. However, I have a similar emergency plan there. For the most part, my jewelry is organized in collections of silver, gold, bronze, etc. When in doubt, I just grab a collection of my preferred metal and go with it. 

Necklace that converts to a headband. It was that kind of day!!

Just a few of my favorite charms! More Options

Lastly, I grabbed these navy pumps from a White House Black Market warehouse sale. 

They were $6!!!!!! I know. 

Except for the accessories, everything in this outfit has lived in my closet for a few years, but I'll add links to similar finds. What's your go-to emergency plan for a speedy but put-together look?

As always, it's such a pleasure!!

Outfit Breakdown: Chambray Blazer: Banana Republic(similar)/Burnout Top: WHBM (similar)/Pants: LOFT (similar Express/Similar OLD NAVY)/Shoes:Whareshouse Sale (Fun option)/Silver Accessories: Premier Designs


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Skinnies, Rose Gold & Silver

Outfit Breakdown: Top: Altar'd State (old)/Jeans: Marisa Jill's/Sandals: Target Clearance/Handbag: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom Rack)/Jewelry: Premier Designs

Hello! It's another day, another outfit. Another success or another fail. What matters is that we keep it going. I'd say this outfit was a semi-success due to weather.  After heading out to run some errands I immediately regretted the skinnies. It's warming up around here and these babies are hot, hot, hot. I'm not quite ready for shorts (more on that in another post - maybe). So I think it's time for a drop in at Marissa Jill's to check out their latest in Judy Blue denim.  Do they make a light weight denim or maybe something with distressed ventilation?  

Like these? They are actually called "Chrissy Mid-Rise"!! Now that's funny. 

This may be too much...The "Sunny Exaggerated Destroy"

Plenty of ventilation there! All I can envision in these are my thighs bulging out the top whole, especially while sitting down.  Yup. Time for a store visit. Until then, I'll hunt through my closet for denim alternatives.

Other than a toasty feel, I enjoyed the look of this outfit. It was thrown together; the accessories an afterthought.  I recently learned that rose gold and silver blend well so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Glad I did!

Rose Gold + Silver = Fab!

What's your go to spring/summer jean? Or do you skip the jeans and head over to shorts? And do you wear rose gold and silver?

***Cupcake Adventures***

I know. Enough with the cupcakes! But I feel a need to make good on winning a cupcake a day for a year. Of course it's impossible to go everyday, but let's just say I'm getting to know the owners quite well in a short amount of time. I can't help myself. Sharing the winnings is a fun blessing, as well as an adventure to me. And my oh my are there a lot of birthdays in May! 

Red Velvet Cupcakes went to hard working, passionate men who love and serve youth in our community.  Their birthdays are a day apart. 

Other dude man was out to lunch...;)

Well, that's all for today. I hope you're week is going well and please comment away. I'd love to hear about your choice of denim (if any) for warmer weather.


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