Monday, May 22, 2017

Jumpsuit Love & Trials: Take 1

Hello! Today I'm chatting about the trials that come with top designs that aren't made for wearing a real bra.  I own a few racerback tanks that simply need a racerback bra, so when I found this jumpsuit, with a racerback cut at Gap off their clearance rack (of course!!), I didn't anticipate any trouble.   I loved the color and the fabric felt soft and light. Already my head filled with visions of gliding around in my comfy, trendy jumpsuit. Danger. I was sold.

Reality! No matter how much I fidgeted with the straps of my racerback bra, those nude things glared at me out of the back of this suit. And then there is the low cut front. How did I miss that when I tried it on? I was bewitched by the softness!  Having already committed to wearing it that morning, I reached for a cami to hide cleavage and a vest to hide my ugly bra straps. It would be cold in the A/C anyway, so I was good for now. On a side note,  I did see a young lady wearing a dress with this particular cut in the front and sides and she was obviously not wearing a bra. The edges of her lovely, pert breasts were completely exposed.  I don't think this is an option for me.

So what to do? Maybe a bandeau in the same color??

I've already styled this jumpsuit again, however it's still contains a top layer, which I'll share in my next post.

In the meantime, how would you overcome this issue?

Outfit Breakdown:
Jumpsuit: GAP/Fringe Vest: LOFT/Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Old)/Purse: Amazon/Necklace: Premier Designs

 Cupcake Adventures Continue...

Can I tell you how much of an adventure this truly is for me? I never know what friends I may see when I drop in and the owners are the sweetest people. Now I look forward to visiting them as much as I enjoy delivering my free cupcake to unsuspecting friends. Seriously, Monica, one of the owners. She gets me.  One day my Snapchat and Instagram stories consisted of me acting as if I was on the cheers sitcom. I ordered a coffee on the rocks and she slid my coffee down the bar.  Dorky, but I don't care. I couldn't stop laughing and I loved that she enjoyed playing along.

Of course I had to take my mom to Splat Cakes n' Such for Mother's Day!

She ordered the Chocolate Explosion. Sorry no pics there. Just us two lovely ladies. ;)

Tiramisu for my friend Mandy on her birthday.

Doesn't this cupcake look beautiful?? I did a sneaky drop off for the tiramisu and prayed my friend would be home in time to enjoy it before it started baking for the second time!

This was another home drop off, where I was greeted by their friendly, albeit ginormous dog. There would be no leaving this cupcake to end up as a doggy treat. I had to ring the bell this go round.

The cupcake adventures continue and I am loving every minute of them!!

Thank you for reading friends!




  1. Well, your mama is SUPER CUTE! And um hello hot stuff in that jumpsuit!!! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Lovely outfit and this cupcakes must be really tasty!! Great post!
    Mónica Sors

    1. Thank you! Btw, your blog gives me wanderlust for Europe!!

  3. I love that you deliver cupcakes to your friends! I would love that! This jumpsuit is the absolute cutest. I love the color and how you styled it. I too have issues with bras/ bralettes/ and bandeaus. I hoep you have an awesome weekend!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you Elise. It's always fun to see I have a comment waiting from you. ;)


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